Now Is a Great Time to Consider Heavy Equipment Operator Careers in Ontario!

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Are you looking for a new career?  Perhaps something a bit more exciting, something that lets you enjoy the outdoors and contribute to creating things, rather than pushing paper around?  Would you like to be able to point at structures on the skyline and say, “I helped build that!” to anyone who asks?

If so, there are plenty of heavy equipment operator careers in Ontario and across North America.  Better yet: demand for heavy equipment operators isn’t going away anytime soon!  This is truly a great time to look into a career in heavy equipment operation.

Why Now Is the Time to Consider Heavy Equipment Operator Careers

 Simply put: the heavy machine industry is already bordering on a labor shortage, and according to government trends analyses, that situation is projected to continue until at least 2025.  Those trends will probably continue further on past that as well since the prediction is that there will continue to be more and more demand for equipment operators as time passes.

Where will the demand come from?  Right now, Canada is booming, with construction going on across the country.  Areas like Vancouver and Toronto are experiencing unprecedented growth, with projects going up as fast as they can be built.  Beyond that, there’s also the matter of public projects and infrastructure.  Much of Canada’s infrastructure is starting to get a bit old, and as it crumbles, there will be that much more need to rebuild it and keep the country on track.

Also, in particular, construction companies are having difficulty attracting young talent.  Right now, the median age of machine operators is in the mid-40s.  That means two things:

1 – Machine operation is a career with genuine prospects.  You could begin your career in your twenties and still be in the same line of work for decades to come.

2 – In the next 10-20 years, there will be a lot of older machine operators leaving the industry due to age, retirement, and similar factors.  That’s going to be another of the factors driving increased demand for operators in years to come.

Plus, heavy equipment operator careers can provide for you and your family, particularly once you get a few years’ experience under your belt.  Average hourly wages are in the $25+ range and can easily climb above $30/hr. for experienced workers.  You’ll also be entering a union-protected field, which means even more job security in years to come.

Whether you’re interested in construction, mining, agriculture, or public works – there will be openings in practically any area you’d like to work.

Kickstart Your New Career with Training From 5th Wheel!

5th Wheel Training is one of Ontario’s most-trusted sources for heavy equipment operators and draws in recruiters from across the industry.  Our equipments are designed to give you genuine real-world experience, in our own quarry pit we use for hands-on training.  This is combined with a curriculum designed and taught by successful figures from the industry, designed to give you a head start in your new career.

The construction industry needs new machine operators.  If you’re ready to step up to a stable and well-paying new career, contact 5th Wheel Training today and inquire about our classes.


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