Why It’s Worth Attending Heavy Equipment Operators School Outside Town

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With constant demand from numerous employers, many people are currently looking to enroll in a heavy equipment operator’s school and get certified in working machinery. It’s a well-paying job that can be a true career, as well as being fun and exciting since you get to spend your time on some awesome equipment.

However, one thing that often trips people up is that it’s hard to find heavy equipment operator training inside the city. Schools exist, but they’re rare – and for various reasons, they are not the best choice for training!

It really is better to look for a school with training grounds outside of major cities, even if it is a bit of an inconvenience.

Why You Want a Heavy Equipment Operators School with Its Own Grounds

  1. Real hands-on experience

The biggest problem with doing heavy machine training in the city is that getting hands-on training is almost impossible. How are you supposed to work a bulldozer or grader in the middle of a city? These schools typically only provide information on passing the written part of the certification tests, while leaving it to you – or a future employer – to train on the actual machinery.

But when you go to a school with its own training grounds, you get that hands-on training. They’ll have dedicated simulated job sites that are nearly identical to real-world work conditions. This gives you a much better experience and makes you far more attractive to employers.

  1. Focusing on your training

Typically, heavy machinery schools with their grounds also have their own dormitories, and you live on campus during training. This is a good thing! It means you can focus entirely on training, and also frequently speeds up the training since it can become your “full-time job” until you’re certified.

Also, this allows you to connect more closely with your peers and your instructors, giving a college-like experience that greatly enhances your learning.

  1. Better employment opportunities

Besides being more attractive to employers overall, these schools also tend to be the most well-regarded among industry specialists. Many such schools are sources of direct recruitment. If you do well, you won’t even need to look for jobs – the jobs will come to you!

5th Wheel Training Institute is one of Ontario’s oldest and most respected heavy equipment operator schools. If you’re ready for a great new career, click here to learn more!

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