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April 2016

truck driver training in Ontario
Why Host Information Sessions?
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As a Training and Employment Specialist presenting Information Sessions for 5th Wheel Training Institute, I’ve approached my job with the attitude that not only am I working for 5th Wheel,…

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Heavy Equipment Operator Training
The Importance of Wallet Cards
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A certified worker is a safe and productive worker Students who are researching Ontario Career Colleges for truck driver programs and heavy equipment training programs are asking us some good questions…

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heavy equipment operator school, Adult Learner
Barriers for the Adult Learner
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Going Back to School – Barriers for the Adult Learner The phrase “Going Back to School” can be intimidating for an adult learner. It’s nothing like when you were a child…

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Donna's story
Donna’s Success – Women in Trucking
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Celebrating International Women’s Day By: Louise Philbin Since 1911, International Women’s Day has been celebrated.  In 1975, the United Nations set March 8th as the day to celebrate acts of…

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Ontario truck driving school, 5th Wheel Training Institute
When Can I Start? |Program Start Dates
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Program Start Dates So, you’ve decided to take that giant step and start a new career but how soon are the next program start dates?  Congratulations!  Now that you have…

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5th Wheel Training Institute, Ontario truck training academy
5th Wheel Training Institute More than Just a Trucking School
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When many people hear 5th Wheel Training Institute they think of a trucking school. But we are so much more than that! Since 1985, 5th Wheel Training Institute has been…

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Ontario truck driving school
Truck Driving Training Leads to a Long & Rewarding Career
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Hey there – my first Blog! I have been trucking for about 30 years and a lot has changed in that time. When I got my AZ licence, I was 18 and…

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heavy equipment operator training Ontario, first job
Ontario Career College Training – Finding that First Job After
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Congratulations you have completed your training course! Now, what to do you ask yourself? Here are some helpful tips to help you find that first job: 1.     Take Advantage of Campus…

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CareerPath, heavy equipment operator training
Funding Options for Career Change
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During our lifetime, we tend to change careers several times.  Sometimes it can be a forced change when our industries relocate to other areas, are not as prevalent as it…

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Heavy equipment Operator training
Why Choose Heavy Equipment Operator Training?
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Thinking about a new career?  Are you a hands-on type of person who prefers to work outdoors, who works well independently and likes to see what you’ve accomplished on the…

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