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Icy roads? No problem.
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Whos watching for overhead wires

Likely get a bill from city for asphalt repairs

Put your chains on the truck !!!

so cool

George Potter

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Can anyone explain what may have happened here?

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Watch The Hydraulic Cylinder In A Dump Truck Explode Under Pressure – Insane!
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Poor driver .. I saw him briefly in the window

Wasn't dumping over the end of the pile... material had no where to go jamming his hydrolics. Too much pressure..... KABOOM

This is why my old man always yells at me to yes make a ramp with the dozer but also make it level ontop way to much strain on it for no reason

Poor preoperations......but then again its wear and with all machines no matter well we take care of them with thr same parts it will still blow

Bet you he will be lucky to be alive. Idiot for running over to his truck. Now he just got plastered with hot hydraulic fluid

Bed jammed for a second while the drive continued to hold the button

Boom goes the hydraulic lines

I think buddy is still running!

Blew cylinder 😬 put load up too quick

Jeck doesn't work properly

Overloaded and poor maintenance

To much weight


Brian Doran

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I'm no expert but I don't think this flatbed is quite long enough to float this bus????

What is this?
No words....
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What is this?

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Worst case that would happen if the front lifted up at the bridge would be the way to say good by die

No if the police 👮‍♀️ see this & that tow truck will definitely be charge along with the tow truck ok. But that should be the law

Sometimes you gotta make work what you got lol and improvise the rest

Looks like it's working just fine!

Not Good .DAM

Holy crap

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