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          SINCE 1985,

          5WTI is dedicated to providing people from across Canada with the skills and certifications required by employer demands for truck drivers, heavy equipment operators and mechanic’s assistants.  

          Our dedication to quality, up-to-date curriculum and industry specific training results in quality graduates prepared for careers in various sectors including : transportation, construction, mining, forestry, aggregate mining and townships.

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          Heavy Equipment Operator and Truck Driver School

          DIscover that 5wti is much more than just an Ontario truck driving school.

          We will continue to provide Skilled Trades Training for professional truck drivers and equipment operators with our over 35 years of experience.

          We have 22 programs with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities for you to regsiter in so you can find the program that will meet your career gols.

          You can check out the pricing for these programs to see which ones will work for you at these links:

          Our programs start every 3 weeks.

          You can download our Program Start Dates at the following link so you can choose the date that will work for you:

          Program Start Dates

          Our All-Inclusive Training sites allow you to train year round in all conditions.

          This means that regardless of when you train with us, you will get all of the training hours which we say you will at our training centres.

          Both our campuses feature No-Charge Student Accommodations, check them out at these links for our Heavy Equipment Operator and Ontario Truck Driver Schools:

          Yes we will assist you to arrange financing for your training.

          Check out grant and payment options by checking out our page – Funding Options

          Yes we are registered as a Career College by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges & Universities Under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

          5WTI is a provider for commercial trucking licencing preparing you to succesfully pass your MTO AZ or DZ road tests.

          You can check out our campus registration certificates on our funding page – Funding Options

          You can talk to our Client Care Team and they will take you step by step through the entire process of getting registered in our programs.

          Contact our team today:

          1. email – info@5thwheeltraining.com
          2. Phone toll-free – 1-888-647-7202
          3. Chat Live – Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

          Unfortunately our programs do not qualify for OSAP support.

          You can access other programs like Better Jobs Ontario & The Canada Ontario Job Grant to get the funding for training.

          Talk to our team about other options for you to access heavy equipment and tractor trailer training funding!

          Grade 10 & 12 English are prerequisites of our training programs.

          Our instructors and curriculumn are only provided in the English language.

          Student completing any of our registered vocational training programs are issued a T2202a tax receipt to be used as an income tax deduction.