Truck Driver Training At 5wti

Providing truck driver training is how 5th Wheel Training Institute got into the Skilled Trades Training business.  We’ve been successfully doing it now for over 30 years.  We have the equipment, the facilities, the knowledge and the people to successfully train you.  Come experience the 5wti difference for yourself!

Truck Driver: AZ

  • Certificates Included: 2
  • Wallet Cards Included: 2
  • Number of Weeks: 6
  • Number of Hours: 150

Truck Driver: AZ - 200 hour and
Heavy Equipment Certification: 4-piece

  • Certificates Included: 5
  • Wallet Cards Included: 18
  • Number of Weeks: 9
  • Number of Hours: 280

Truck Driver: AZ - 200 Hour

  • Certificates Included: 5
  • Wallet Cards Included: 8
  • Number of Weeks: 6
  • Number of Hours: 200

Truck Driver: DZ

  • Certificates Included: 4
  • Wallet Cards Included: 3
  • Number of Weeks: 5
  • Number of Hours: 102

All the above listed truck driver training programs are Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

The trucking industry has one goal – to keep Canada on the move. A vital contributor to our national economy, the Canadian trucking industry is a $30 billion business employing over 500,000 people.

 “Everything but babies are delivered in Canada by trucks”.


5th Wheel Training Institute Truck Driver Training graduates are an essential ingredient for this growing industry.  As a result, professional entry – level AZ drivers can earn solid wages and enjoy significant benefits. 

Carriers who have hired our graduates have reported they can earn between $45,000.00 and $60,000.00 per year and in some cases even more! Hence there are significant benefits of completing AZ training with us.

While new technologies revolutionize the industry, a different kind of driver is emerging as well.  Entrepreneurs willing to work hard while developing their own opportunities are now the backbone of the industry.  Therefore, higher standards of education are required and expected, and professional certification at every level is fast becoming the norm.  The demands of a life on the road are many, but in the meantime the rewards are great!

Quality Training Matters

Our leadership team are very aware of the difference quality training makes. As a result, 5th Wheel Training refuses to become another truck driver licencing mill. We don’t just produce drivers that can only pass the local AZ or DZ Licencing test.  5th Wheel training focusses on making sure our graduates have all the knowledge required to be a safe entry-level driver on the roads we share with them.

We have learned alot about preparing our graduates for the workforce most effectively.  It’s one of the reasons you won’t find us in a strip mall.  A new inexperienced driver needs space away from traffic to quickly build the confidence shifting before they are put into a situation where they feel pressured sharing the road with impatient drivers.

Truck Training with Manual Transmissions

Trucking companies across the country want drivers that can shift. Even though it’s true more fleets are moving to automatic transmissions, the vast majority still have old reliable tractors that require their driver’s to shift.

Just think of it,  if you’re a fleet owner do you want to hand your newest most expensive truck over to your new driver? Uhm no, you have to be able to prove yourself as being safe and having a strong work ethic to that owner before you’re ever getting your hands on the most expensive equipment.

We maintain our own fleet of late model brand name trucks.  Our diverse fleet features a range of standard transmissions to assure our graduates are capable of proper shifting.  While trucks with automatic transmissions continue to make up a growing percentage of those on the road, the vast majority remain manually shifted.  To maximize your flexibility in the workplace and be able to land that entry level position upon graduation, we still feel it essential that shifting be part of your skill set as a professional truck driver.

Truck Training FAQ’s

Our Truck Driver Training programs start every 3 weeks, you can download our upcoming start dates here –

Our Truck Driver Training sites are designed for training students year round in all conditions. Therefore, 5wti has two all-inclusive Truck Driver training sites featuring No-Charge Student Accommodations and Student Shuttling, check them out at these links:

Yes you can, as can be seen with our truck driver financing options here:

When you compare our Professional Truck Driver training programs to Community University and College Programs, Driver Training programs are short in length and do not qualify for OSAP funding. But be sure to check out other funding options you can check out here:

Truck Driver Training Schools are not allowed to promise anyone employment after completing their program, and for good reason!

Trucking jobs are plentiful right now, recruiters are calling us weekly but it often depends on the barriers a client places on employment as to how successful they will be.  Not all entry-level driving jobs will get you home at night, you might be lucky to be home once a week in your first

If that’s what a graduate insists on, it’s going to take a long time to find a job that meets that criteria.

We will do our best to prepare you as a safely trained entry-level Truck Driver ready to get on the road to continue your development as a professional in an exciting new career!

  • 18 years of Age or Hold an Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Canadian issued Grade 10 English or Completion of equivalency testing approved by our Education & Registration Teams
  • MTO Medical reviewed by Drivetest
  • 3 Year Drivers Abstract
  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation issued and valid Class G driver’s licence

To become a truck driver in Ontario you need to be trained to pass the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario’s A or D licence test.

You can receive this training from a Community College, Private Career College (like 5th Wheel Training Institute) or be trained by a trucking company that offers a Driver Certification Program.

We naturally think we are, but the truth is the best trucking school is the best trucking school for you. Only you can make that decision. We suggest you go to every school you are considering training with.

    1. Check out the facilities, meet the instructors talk to the campus staff.
    2. Do they have residence so you don’t have to commute and can stay and focus on training?

Go and find out if this is the right place for you to learn.  It’s a big investment in your time and money, make sure it’s the right one

To join one of our Truck Driving Program you are required to:

  • Have an Ontario Grade 10 Education or an Equivalence
    • If you cannot provide proof of your education we can have you complete testing at one of our campuses
  • Send us Your 3 Year Ontario Driver’s Abstract – available from Service Ontario
  • Successfully submit Your MTO Driver’s Medical to your local Drivetest Centre

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