5wti Accessibility Policies

At 5th Wheel Training Institute and in the province of Ontario, accessibility is a right not a privilege.  We recognize and embrace this position. We continue to work diligently to improve conditions at our sites and head office to further accessibility for all.  By opening our place of business to all members of the public the more doors we open for ourselves in furthering our own success.

Further as an educational institution we continue to better our teaching methods and materials so that they too can be accessible to a larger number of potential students. We have always envisioned making Skill Trades Training readily accessible to all those that can find meaningful employment in the sectors for which we train.

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@ 5wti Accessibility Matters

We strive to accommodate all clients, vendors and guests equitably.

Accessibility Policy Documents

Policy documents required by the accessible customer service standard are available upon request. Our human resources team will provide them upon request.

Click this link to email a request: Human Resources Team