DZ License in Ontario
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A DZ license in Ontario can be your ticket to a new career in one of Canada’s most exciting and dynamic industries. Trucking in Canada is a $30 billion a year industry, with hundreds of thousands of people employed – yet there’s still constant demand for new trainees.

With a DZ license, you could be certified to drive a wide range of airbrake-enabled trucks, mixers, fire engines, garbage trucks, and other heavy vehicles. Demand for these skills is year-round, with opportunities within a wide variety of fields throughout the seasons.

If you’re ready to put in the effort, you can be ready to get your DZ license in Ontario in as little as 5 weeks! Thanks to the intensive courses offered by 5th Wheel Training Institute, we can see you become fully qualified for road work in less time than most alternatives, yet without sacrificing safety or quality!

How to get a DZ License in Ontario?

If you’re interested in learning how to get your DZ license in Ontario, the process is easier than you think. However, there are a number of requirements such as passing a vision test and being at least 18 years of age. Additionally, potential truck drivers will also need to have a valid Ontario’s driver’s G class license.

There are seven easy steps you can follow to get your Ontario DZ license. First, you’ll need to visit a driving test centre as well as complete a medical exam. After doing so, you’ll also need to study for your license test, apply for the test, and take the DZ license exam to demonstrate your knowledge.

Once you’ve passed the written test, you’ll also need to gain some experience behind the wheel with a trained instructor, like the teachers from 5th Wheel Training Institute. After doing so, it’s as simple as passing a road test!


When we call our DZ license course intensive, we mean it. Make no mistake, these will be three of the most demanding weeks you’ve experienced in your life. In that time, you’ll put in at least 102 hours of work learning the rules, laws, usage, and handling a variety of trucks.

In other words, for three weeks, learning how to earn your DZ license in Ontario will be your full-time job. That’s why we offer on-site residence as part of our program. We want every applicant to succeed, and part of that means reducing distractions and eliminating elements -such as commutes- that could interfere with daily work.

In that time, you’ll be training in real-world situations too. Our two campuses are on large pieces of land; realistically replicating job sites including pits, quarries and dock sites you could soon be working on. This isn’t merely a theoretical or on-road-only training program. Throughout, you’ll be overseen by professionals who have spent years on the road, and now want to pass their knowledge on to newer drivers.

We do all this specifically so that you will leave our institute with the broadest possible skill set and the best chances of finding high-paying work immediately after getting your license and certification cards!


5th Wheel Training Institute is known throughout Canada for the high quality of our training programs and the graduates we produce. Recruiters from top nationwide carriers regularly come to us for new hires, and we maintain a job board sourced directly from employers that’s always available to our graduates.

Demand for truckers is high, and it’s a job virtually anyone can get into regardless of background. To move your career into the next gear, contact 5th Wheel Training Institute today for a schedule of upcoming classes!




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