Will Truck Training Be a Thing of the Past? Not a Chance

Truck Training
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A short answer to the question in the title is simply ‘No’. The role truck driving plays in today’s economy is massive and projections for the future only show the demand for drivers is growing. There are many sources showing good signs for the future of the truck driver and we at 5th Wheel Training Institute have compiled an article explaining why truck training will definitely be a thing of the future.

The Future of Trucking and Training

The Canadian Trucking Alliance recently released a study entitled ‘Understanding the Truck Driver Supply and Demand Gap’. Key findings from that study predicts updates and gives new figures predicting how the trucking industry can expect to grow and meet demands. In 2011, a report was released with the same name claiming a shortage of 33000 drivers by 2020. In the new study, that number has been updated to 34000 – 48000 truck drivers. President and CEO of the CTO, David Bradley reviewed the results of this study and claimed, “the underlying trend points to a long-term chronic shortage of truck drivers”. This is great news for those wishing to get into the field now. Good guidance, good education and proper certification will ensure that you will be in demand.

When compared to the rest of the transportation industry, the trucking division is by far the most profitable. Trucking produced more than $19 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) in the year of 2014 which was more than air, rail and water transportation industries combined. Another estimated projection is growth of the trucking industry by 2.2% per year. Turning that into dollar amounts means the $19 billion GDP will rise to 24.1 billion in 2024. A great sign for drivers and truck training in general.

A Demand for Trucking

A large shortage of drivers coupled with a growing GDP means a huge demand will be present, not only for drivers but for truck training as well. With the Ministry of Transportation rolling out the M.E.L.T. (Mandatory Entry Level Training) initiative, truck training is necessary for all those wishing to take the licensing exam to drive heavy transport vehicles. M.E.L.T. helps to ensure that potential employees receive proper training ensuring they become a safe and efficient member of the workforce. Since the M in M.E.L.T. stands for mandatory, truck driver training will be more relevant than ever.

5th Wheel Training Institute has been ensuring that those wishing to enter the construction and transport industries get the best education since 1985. We have committed to making sure our grads are ready to tackle whatever the working world needs. If you believe you are a great fit for a future in truck driving and are interested in truck training, don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more or schedule a tour of our facilities.



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