Will Choosing a Truck Driving School Near Scarborough Make You a Truck Driver in No time?

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Just because you live in Scarborough doesn’t mean you need to train there to become a truck driver or equipment operator.  The profession of truck driving means you need to be flexible and prepared to be on the road, so being away from home while you train can actually prepare you and your family for the strains of you not being home all the time.

Make sure you take the time to evaluate schools around the province, several of the better ones offer no charge accommodation so you can travel to them to study.  This is a big step, choose wisely and don’t settle for a school that is just down the street but may offer inferior training.

If you’ve been looking to change careers, and you want an exciting job with a lot of travel opportunities, this might be the perfect time to look at truck driving schools near Scarborough.  Right now, North America has a severe lack of truck drivers, and shippers are desperate to find enough drivers to cover all their routes.  Just about anyone qualified and able to complete truck driver training is virtually guaranteed to find a job in trucking, and quickly.

So, what’s the process of becoming a truck driver?  It’s pretty easy.  If you qualify, you could have a new career in a matter of months.

How Easy Is It to Become a Truck Driver?

1 – The basic qualifications 

To become a truck driver, you have to meet the legal requirements to test for and obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in Canada.  Here in Ontario, these requirements are:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must already hold a valid Canadian driver’s license other than G1, G2, M, M1, or M2.
  • Passing vision and medical tests

In addition, when it comes time to get hired, you will undoubtedly have to pass a drug test.  Also, your driving record should be as clean as possible.  Shipping companies are willing to overlook minor infractions, but if your driving record is poor, you’ll have a hard time finding work.

A good work history, even outside the industry, is also a plus, although not usually required.

2 – Getting your CDL

If you pass the basic requirements – and nearly all Canadian adults do – the next step is getting your Commercial Driver’s License.  Like personal driver’s license tests, the test is in two parts: written and practical.

The best way to pass the test is to attend a great truck driving school.  You’ll want to make sure to choose a school that includes classroom work and hands-on training.  Be careful, some CDL schools have little or no practical training.

3 – Get hired

This is another reason you want a great truck driving school possibly away from home, beyond Scarborough.  The best schools have direct contacts at shipping companies and may even regularly host recruiters looking to hire people straight out of school.  Alternately, you can job-hunt yourself, but you may find yourself looking at unfavorable terms that way.

Attend Truck Training School

5th Wheel Training is one of Canada’s top truck driving schools, and a great way to begin your truck driving career.  Click here to learn more!


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