What’s Involved with Heavy Equipment Operator Training

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When people think about getting a Commercial Driver’s License, they’re often thinking in terms of the transportation industry, such as driving delivery trucks or buses. However, there’s another career path worth considering: heavy vehicle operator training.

Becoming a heavy vehicle operator can be an excellent career choice.  The field is wide open, and most adults can qualify. Heavy machinery operators are always in demand, so the possibilities for profit and career advancement are huge. Plus, it can be a lot of fun. Talk to people who operate cranes, or bulldozers, and other heavy equipment and chances are they love their job.

What does it take to become a heavy machine operator? It’s actually pretty clear-cut.

Three Steps to Becoming A Heavy Vehicle Operator

1 – Earn a high school diploma, or equivalent like a GED

You are required to have completed primary school and earned a high school degree, to be allowed to operate heavy equipment. If you’ve never completed highschool you can also talk to your training school about writing an equivalency test instead. Along with this, you need to be at least 18 years old. While you’re at it, if possible, look at taking extra-curricular in areas such as mechanics or welding.  This sort of experience can be valuable to employers.

2 – Complete a heavy equipment operator training course 

You’ve got two basic options here.  Both the US and Canada accept apprenticeships, with a certain required number of on-the-job hours, so you could potentially get yourself hired as an apprentice at an existing operation. However, this can be a tough sell to employers.

The better route is to attend a professional heavy vehicle training school and receive professional instruction. There are numerous accredited schools that are recognized by the government as qualified to teach, and you’ll get a lot of practical experience this way. Plus, the best schools will also help you find a job after you graduate.

3 – Get the appropriate licenses and certifications

You’ll need to pass testing to receive a Commercial Driver’s License to operate any sort of large vehicles on public roads. On top of that, you’ll also generally need certification in the specific vehicle(s) you intend to operate professionally. The exact details will vary depending on the vehicles in question.

Become a Heavy Equipment Operator

All in all, the post-high school requirements can often be completed within a year, and then you have the skills needed to enter a highly lucrative new trade! And as one of the top-heavy vehicle training schools in Canada, 5th Wheel Training Institute can help make it happen. Click here to learn more.

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