What To Consider When Choosing a Truck Driving School

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This is the perfect time to change careers into trucking!  The shipping industry is in dire need of new drivers, and they’re paying well to convince people to join up.  Attending a truck driving school can be your ticket to a lucrative, rewarding, and sometimes even fun new job that could last for decades.

The trick is choosing the right truck driving school.  Not all trucking schools are the same, and this decision could have a huge impact on your future career.

Here are some important factors to consider.

3 Critical Factors When Choosing a Trucking School

1 – Price

Running a truck driving academy is expensive, and tuition will cost thousands of dollars – at least.  This is simply unavoidable.  However, you can quickly pay off the expense thanks to your lucrative new job.  Some employers will even pay for your training, in exchange for a few years’ contracted work.

Be wary of schools that offer cut-rate training or claim that training is “free.”  This is very much a “you get what you pay for” situation.  And you don’t want to be on the road, hauling thousands of tons of cargo, without proper training.

2 – Licensing and accreditation

Always ask about a school’s licensing and accreditation before you sign up.  You need to make sure they meet all the legal requirements for training, or you might not be able to get your Commercial Driver’s License at all.

If in doubt, check with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.  This is the government ministry responsible for overseeing and certifying truck driving Private Career colleges in Ontario.

3 – Location

Going to the nearest truck driving school isn’t always the best option. For Ottawa residents, the best schools are going to be well outside of the city, with dedicated facilities for training in simulated real-world scenarios.  If you go to a school in the middle of a big city, you aren’t going to get the best hands-on training.

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