What Should You Expect from An Ontario Truck Training Academy?

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If you’re thinking about getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and moving into truck driving, you’re on the right track.  Shipping companies are absolutely desperate for drivers, and you’ll quickly have all the work you can handle.  It’s a great move for anyone looking for a new career.

However, to make it happen, you need to attend a good Ontario truck training academy.  You can’t get a CDL without certified training.  Here’s what to expect – and what to look for – when choosing a trucking school.

What You Should Get from An Ontario Truck Training Academy

1 – Classroom Work

Like any school, much of your time will be spent indoors.  You’ll learn from qualified instructors, most or all of whom were drivers in the past, as you learn the rules, regulations, and other laws surrounding truck driving in North America.  The classroom work is your opportunity to learn the theory, as well as the use of other critical tools and skills needed when driving.  This is also when you’ll get to hear ‘war stories’ and other practical advice that you won’t see in a textbook!

2 – Hands-On Practice

To get a An AZ or DZ CDL in Ontario you will also need to pass a road test, so a good truck training academy should give you plenty of experience driving trucks for yourself.  Ideally, they’ll have trucks from several different manufacturers, so you can get a feel for several kinds of trucks.  Once you get into the field, you’ll be expected to drive anything your employer hands you, so you want to get experience with a wide variety of vehicles.

3 – Dedicated Training Facilities

When you’re choosing between different trucking schools, you want to find one that’s on the outskirts of town – even if it’s a little inconvenient to reach.  These are the schools that have room to operate their own simulated job sites, giving you practice in critical skills such as maneuvering around in a working environment.

4 – Job Placement Assistance

Finally, you want an Ontario truck training academy that has plenty of industry contacts and can help you launch your career after you graduate.  Avoid any school that doesn’t offer help in gaining employment!  They won’t give you the full value for your money and may even be providing substandard training.  Shipping companies know which schools are good and go straight to them for recruits.

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