What Does It Take to Become a Truck Driver in Ontario?

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There’s never been a better time to change careers to trucking!  Drivers with CDLs are in high demand across the board and starting wages can be great.  It’s a perfect option for independent-minded self-starters who want a job that offers plenty of opportunities for profit!

Becoming a truck driver in Ontario isn’t exactly easy, but it can be much faster and easier than a lot of other highly trained fields.  The best way is to attend a reputable trucking driver school, but that’s just the start.

The Requirements For Becoming A Trucker In Ontario

Most of the requirements for obtaining a Class AZ license – the best option for professional truckers – are dictated by government regulations.

To get started, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a grade 10 Ontario education  or equivalent
  • Already have a valid full G driver’s license (excluding training or motorcycle licenses)
  • Be able to pass a vision test, with corrective eyewear if necessary
  • Pass a health examination.  Certain medical conditions can exclude you if they would create problems on the road.

If you’ve got that much covered, attending an Ontario trucking driving school is within reach!

Then there’s the matter of training.  Before you can apply for your Class 1/A license, you’ll need to go through extensive training from an accredited business or school.   In Ontario (as of 2022), this means a minimum of 103.5 hours of training.  That breaks down to:

  • 36.5 hours in the classroom
  • 17 hours training in the yard, off actual roadways
  • 50 hours on-road behind the wheel, with an instructor

In addition, you’ll also need the air brake endorsement (the Z in your AZ license) to be able to operate most trucks.  This only part of the training includes 6 hours of classroom training and 2 hours in the yard before completing the test at an Ontario Drivetest centre.

Once you’ve completed training at your chosen Ontario trucking driver school, you’ll be nearly done.  You’ll just need to pass the written and on-road tests to prove that your learning has been effective.

If you pass, that’s it.  You’ll have your Class AZ license shortly and be fully certified to work as a truck driver capable of hauling loads of any legal size.

5th Wheel Training Institute Offers The Best In Trucking Driver School & Classes

Since the 1980s, we’ve built a reputation as one of Ontario’s best and most-respected trucking schools.  Our expert staff is so well-regarded that shipping companies come directly to us to recruit new drivers!

For excellent training and great job prospects, contact us to learn more!


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