What Distinguishes the Best Truck Driving Schools Around the Greater Toronto Area?

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With the shipping industry desperate for more drivers, there are more truck driving schools around Toronto and Ontario than ever before – but they definitely aren’t all equal.  Many have only opened recently and won’t be able to give you the same level of education as a well-established driving school.  Some may only train for the AZ test and leave it to you – or your future employer – to actually get hands-on training.

For the best chance of making a successful jump into commercial truck driving, you want a school that will prepare you for success.  These are some of the key features of a great truck driving school for Toronto residents.

Four Things I Should Want from A Truck Driving School Near Me

1 – Reasonable pricing

Right now, truck driving schools are very much a “you get what you pay for” proposition.  Many schools offer almost impossibly low rates for classes, but when they do, you can be certain that they won’t be offering a quality education.

If you’re willing to pay a little more, it’ll pay off with better training and better job prospects after you graduate.

2 – Dedicated training facilities

If you’re attending a truck driving school in the middle of the city, how are they going to give you on-the-job training?  Well, that’s easy:  they can’t.   The best truck driving schools are going to be located out of town, where they have room to install their own training facilities and simulated job sites.

It’s well worth an extra drive to attend a truck driving school with dedicated facilities.  After all, driving will be your job, so it’s best to get used to going the extra mile.

3 – Experienced staff

When comparing truck driving schools around Toronto and Ontario, be sure to look into their faculty – or ask them directly if they don’t have information on their webpage.  Good schools will have teachers and staff taken directly from the trucking industry with many years of experience, more than the minimum requirements.  Those are the teachers who will be able to impart important real-world lessons, rather than just reading out of a textbook.

4 – Job placement assistance

Does the school guarantee jobs for passing students?  If they do, they aren’t telling the truth.  No one can guarantee everyone taking a truck driving program will even be able to pass the MTO test.  Not everyone can in the end.  Do they host recruiters, or use industry contacts to point you in the right direction with shipping companies?  They should.  Never pay for a truck driving school that won’t help you get hired after you graduate.

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