What Are the Requirements to Get an AZ License in Ontario?

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This is a fantastic time to get into trucking! The industry is desperate for more drivers, with a current shortage that’s only getting worse with each year. A competent new driver is very likely to be able to land a good job immediately after passing truck driving school – assuming they qualify for their AZ license in Ontario!

An AZ license does two things. A Class A license allows you to drive any truck/trailer combination exceeding a gross weight of 10,000 pounds, as well as pulling double trailers and other large loads. The Z certification demonstrates your proficiency with air brakes, which are commonplace on commercial trucks.

So how do you get an AZ license in Ontario? Here’s what you need to know!

The Qualifications for Getting an Ontario AZ Commercial License

1 – Be at least 18 years old

Only full adults are allowed to carry an AZ license. Plus, while not absolutely required, most companies expect you to have at least a high school diploma or GED.

2 – A good driving record

Your driving record doesn’t need to be perfectly spotless, but it does need to be reasonably solid. A few tickets won’t matter, but a large number of moving violations, accidents, or -worst of all – DUI infractions will quickly end your career possibilities.

3 – A clean criminal record

Again, minor offenses may not be a major issue, but convincing employers to hire you will be an uphill battle if you have any big offenses. In particular, anything involving theft or fraud will make you unemployable. After all, they have to trust you with loads worth millions of dollars.

4 – Reasonably good health and vision

You will need to pass medical examinations, as well as a vision test – but it’s fine if you need corrective lenses. However, some medical conditions may disqualify you, especially medicated psychiatric issues which could affect your ability to drive.

5 – Professional training

To qualify for an AZ license, you must have at least 103.5 hours of training at an accredited Ontario truck driving school, as well as another 8 hours of training on air brakes.

6 – Passing your tests

Finally, you will have to pass formal written and on-road tests at an Ontario Drivetest Centre to demonstrate your qualifications and ability to drive the truck.

If you believe you can meet all these demands, you may be able to get your AZ license in Ontario. Contact 5th Wheel Training Institute to learn how quickly you might be able to get on the road!

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