Truck Driver Training - Watford

Truck Driver Training in Watford

Dalton graduated from our Truck Driver: AZ program back in May of 2014 and is working for Mammoet Crane out of Sarnia. Another successful truck driver training story. Being from just down the street in Watford 5wti was his natural choice of schools . Quality experienced trainers just up the street, how could he go wrong!

*Approved as a vocational program under the Ontario Career College Act, 2005

If you’re looking to get your AZ or DZ license to become a truck driver in Watford come check us out!  Or perhaps  Heavy Equipment is more your style. Sure you’ve worked on it before, but do you have paper to prove it?  Then call us, we can help with that !

Truck Driver Training in Watford

5th Wheel Training Institute has been training new drivers in Warwick since 2006!  We know what we are doing and what you need to land that first job. And don’t forget, don’t be shy, join us for a Demo Day. So come learn more and find the 5WTI difference!

Worried you don’t have the time to complete a 6 week program? Then talk to us, we are able to create  schedules that work for local students.  And you can be sure, we will work with you to get the training you need. It will make things a little harder than following our normal schedule, but together we can get it done!

Truck Driver Training in Watford is in demand.  There are no shortage of drivers needed to get crops and livestock moving.  You can pick up a great sideline gig with your AZ license.