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Choosing a truck driving school in London/Sarnia can be daunting. There are many schools to consider and they all want to fill their classrooms with new and bright students. The onus of finding the school best suited for your ambitions is on you, the future student. Reputable schools can claim that title by one thing alone, reputation. How will you tell a reputable school over one that’s not so great and even if you find many, how will you choose one school over another?

5th Wheel Training Institute has constructed a guide on choosing a reputable school for your educational endeavours. You will need to ask some questions that let you confidently know that you will get proper training rather than just be a signature on an enrolment contract.

Research, research, research

First, you will need to take some time do some to a lot research to find the right school for you. Most schools will have an internet presence and you can navigate to their website to find information about their programs, facility and staff. After basic research, you will have to find ways to talk to people. Visit the schools and talk to their teams. A school that pressures you to sign up on the first day you talk to the them might be worth skipping. 5th Wheel offers a pressure-free information experience for all who are curious. If the school is welcoming and you like the team, talk to local employers and company recruiters from local companies. If the employers and recruiters speak highly of the graduates from any particular school, it’s a good sign that you’re on the right track in choosing a school.

Compare Apples to Apples!

All truck driving schools in London/Sarnia, including 5th Wheel Training, package their offers to try and provide you with the best value for your training dollar. You will have to decide which offer is best for you, but take heed when some things sound too good to be true, chances are high that it could be. Find out how much time is spent in a truck versus time in a simulator. Simulators are great to learn from but it can’t replace real time spent in a truck. When you are in a truck, how much of that time is spent operating an automatic shift versus a manual shift? Learning automatic alone will limit you in the job market. Many companies still carry a fleet of manual-shift vehicles and you will want to be able to operate all the machinery at your new company.

Make sure to find out if all training hours will be given to you. Some will encourage you to take your MTO test early. Compare the routes that you will be asked to train on. How much time is spent on city driving and how much time is spent on highway? Also consider breaks and if break time is included in learning time. Make sure you also enjoy the space that you will have to spend the next 3-7 weeks learning in.

Take your time and ensure you put in your due diligence. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact your training partners at 5th Wheel Training Institute when researching truck driving school in London/Sarnia. We’re here to ensure your success.



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