Why Would I Want to Go to Truck Driver School?

Truck Driver School
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Truck Driver School, why would you want to go? It seems like, in recent years, the public image of the noble North American trucker has gone downhill.  30 years ago, they were seen as the cowboys of the road – complete with hit movies and songs extolling the lifestyle.  Nowadays, it seems like the reputation of truckers has become a bit tarnished.

However, don’t let that dissuade you from attending truck driving school!  There’s more demand for truckers than ever before.  Even if you might not have the same level of cultural respect as before, truck-driving is still a respectable profession that could be highly profitable for the right people.  You might even find you love the job.

These are some of the attributes we see in our most successful truck school attendees.

It Might Be Time to Consider Truck Driver School If You…

  1. Are comfortable working alone for long stretches.

Do you hate being micro-managed by your boss?   Do you do whatever you can to avoid water-cooler babble among your co-workers?  Trucking could definitely be for you.  On a haul, it’s nothing but you, your load, and the long road ahead.  You’ve got a dispatcher for backup, but most of the time, you’re driving free.

  1. Are a hard worker.

We won’t lie – the first year or two on the job can be a bit rough.  Nearly all shipping companies hand out assignments based on seniority, which means the new guys get all the jobs at strange hours or difficult out-of-the-way locations.  But if you put in your time, soon you’ll be the one with tenure who’s getting to pick the best runs.

  1. Love seeing the sights.

Ask most truckers what they love about the job, and getting to see the scenery is way up there.  If you like the idea of being able to explore the continent, both Canada and into the US, and see all its natural wonders then truck-driving could easily be your dream job.

(Plus, that also means you get to sample all sorts of local delicacies from across the continent as well!)

  1. Want to escape the bustle of daily life.

We won’t say that there’s no stress in the life of a trucker… but once you’ve got the fundamentals down, most of your days can be free of the everyday annoyances that are coming to dominate modern life.  Particularly on long hauls where it’s nothing but you and National Highways for 2-3 days straight.

  1. Want to save up for better things.

The average wages for a truck driver start at over twice most minimum wages, and can go up from there.  It should be more than enough to support a family or -if you’re single- put plenty in the bank to fund your future nest egg.  Or maybe even your own private rig…

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