Our Training Team Address the Question: Do you need a DZ licence For Trucking in Ontario?

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Truck drivers across Ontario must remain aware of the latest licensing regulations to ensure they’re following the law and driving safely. New licenses are introduced on a regular basis by provincial authorities to help keep drivers and pedestrians’ safe. And now many are looking at getting a DZ license for trucking work in Ontario. In this latest post, we’ll explore more on DZ license training in Ontario and the type of vehicle that a DZ license will allow you to drive.

What Vehicles Can I Drive with a DZ License?

If you want to drive a motor vehicle exceeding 24,000lbs gross weight, or a vehicle with towed freight not exceeding 10,000lbs, you’ll need to get a DZ license. The DZ license is designed to help you drive bigger trucks on the road, and ensure that you drive safely while following the regulations regarding towing smaller loads. Larger vehicles have unique driving elements that require the driver to understand how to manage large vehicle movement on the road. Elements such as speed, steering wheel movement and turning radius are all key considerations within the DZ license training. Undergoing the training will give you a clear understanding on how to manage a large truck on busy local streets.

One of the great benefits of undergoing training for the DZ license in Ontario is that it will allow you to drive the following vehicles:

  • A straight truck;
  • Dump trucks;
  • Cement trucks;
  • Garbage trucks;
  • Fire trucks with airbrakes.

Positions driving these vehicles require you to be a responsible, hardworking driver with a DZ license. It’s important that you undergo DZ training with an experienced guide in Ontario.

The training for the DZ license will provide you with a clear understanding of the safe control of larger trucks and will open your career up further, and allow you to explore many of the high profile, and high-paying truck driving opportunities across the region. You can see by exploring the streets around you that large trucks are now everywhere.

One of the many benefits of these types of jobs is that they can allow you an entry into large construction firms, where growth opportunities are immense. By working with our team here at 5th Wheel Training Institute, you might consider adding to your DZ training with heavy equipment training, to further add to your career potential.

Our team has the experience and the expertise to help guide you in achieving a fulfilling career. We can help you to train to use the latest large vehicles and prove your value to the top companies within then industry. To discover more on how you can reach your potential, contact us today.



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