Tips for Choosing the Best Truck Driving School in Ontario

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5th Wheel Training Institute knows that there can be a lot of choices out there when it comes to truck driving schools in Ontario, making selecting the best one for you sometimes easier said than done. However, there are some key characteristics that set apart today’s leading schools from the competition, which we’ve collected for you below!


One of the first ways you can determine if you’ve chosen a quality Ontario truck driving school is by taking a look at their reputation. You can easily check their website for testimonials and surf through the comments on their various social media channels. Doing so will give you a glimpse into the value past clients received from the course and help you decide whether you’ll receive a good return on your training investment.

Learning & Teamwork Environment

Another important thing to look into is the type of learning environment you’ll be working in. Will you be collaborating primarily with peers? Will there be a certain amount of firsthand training with instructors? These are the things you should find out before enrolling in any CDL class.

Quality of the Program & Teachers

A truck driving training program is only as good as its teachers, so do some investigating to see what type of instructors potential CDL training companies have hired before enrolling. The best ones will have a staff that’s spent years in the trucking industry and on the road, as they’ll have personal experience to share with students.

Class Accessibility

These days, many have busy schedules and might also be raising a family, so attending a truck driving school that offers flexible hours is often a good idea. Be sure before you enroll that the one you choose can work with your schedule, as you’ll need to attend as many classes as possible to prepare for your final MTO test.

Visit them!

Don’t just talk to them on the phone and email with them.  Go visit them and see what they are all about. Many schools offer a Demo Day or allow you to come and visit.  Make sure you have a good look around!  What does the equipment look like, is there just single pieces of equipment or multiple pieces. Is there a shop to repair equipment, having students learn to operate all day long means there will be equipment failures, ask what happens when your training is interrupted by a failure?

Let us be your truck driving school in Ontario

If you want to get started on a rich and rewarding career path, we’d love to tell you more about our truck driver training courses. We also specialize in heavy equipment operator training, so contact us online today or call 1 (888) 597-2431.

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