The PROs & CONs of Becoming a Truck Driver

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When it comes to career paths, becoming a truck driver certainly has a host of advantages. However, attending truck driving school and obtaining your CDL license might not be for everyone. That’s why 5th Wheel Training Institute, one of Ontario’s leading truck driving schools, has collected some PROs and CONs for you here.

Traveling the County

One of the leading PROs to truck driving is being able to travel the country and see the sights from behind the wheel. You can visit different places in your downtime and get to know a whole other side of where you live. However, this means spending less time at home, so for those with growing families who want to be closer to home, it may not be the best career choice at the moment.


Some employees love being able to take the reins and build trust with their employers, demonstrating that they can be independent and still stay on task. When you’re out on the road you’re your own boss, making the decisions you think are best to deliver your load on time. However, being your own boss does have its downsides, especially when you’re towing a million dollars’ worth of freight a thousand miles away from home.

Sticking to Industry Regulations

There are many industry regulations involved in being a commercial truck driver, such as adhering to hours-of-service rules, taking continued professional development classes, passing drug screenings, and more. Often such things help keep drivers stay focused and not take advantage of the independence they have. Of course, if you don’t adhere to such policies, you run the risk of losing your job, which is a big CON.

Receiving CDL Training

When you attend a truck driving school and receive CDL training, you won’t only be learning how to drive a tractor-trailer. CDL training also enables you to drive other vehicles. Plus when you receive training, you’ll be working with instructors that have decades of industry experience, as well as like-minded peers.

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