The Power of Ontario Career College Training

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Ontario Career Colleges (PCC’s); a very important part of the Education and Training being delivered in Ontario.

PCC’s are privately owned schools that have credentials and certification issued to them by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities – Ontario Career College Branch (MTCU – PCC).  PCC’s are under constant review and regular audit by MTCU – PCC branch.  This ensures that students of PCC’s are protected by minimum government standards.

Quality Ontario Career Colleges have training solutions for individuals who need skills in order to move forward in their lives.  The programs offered through PCC’s are usually career specific and career focused.  The programs provide specific training that leads directly to Jobs.  This training can usually be completed in a short time frame that will lower the overall costs of going to school.  It affectively increases the time a graduate can spend working in the work world earning a living.

PCC’s compete for enrollment with other PCC’s, Public Colleges, MTCU Apprenticeship Programs as well as employers who train on the job.

Quality PCC’s are always striving to improve and get better.  They accomplish this by:

–          Having Programs Certified and Accredited where possible.

–          Training its Instructor Team on a regular basis.

–          Listening to what graduates and employers have said regarding potential program improvements.

–          Implementing innovative solutions to training barriers.

–          Identifying areas of development in current programming.

–          Asking what Employers need regarding graduate skills and certification.

Ontario Career Colleges assist clients with funding opportunities for tuition and living expenses.   Clients can learn about funding available to assist with the costs of going to school from a PCC representative.  Funding programs are always changing.   Identifying funding opportunities that help clients get the help they need is what many PCC’s do.

PCC’s work closely with their clients to help them find accommodation while in school.  Some PCC’s even have their own student residences.   This allows a student to attend a program away from home without worrying about where they will live.

Ontario Career Colleges also provide flexible schedules for training.  By allowing students to have a flexible schedule, many are able to commit to a part time job while in school, allowing for extra income to help pay for some bills.  Many of these part time jobs have also lead to full time employment upon graduation.

Most PCC’s train with small groups that offer more instructor to student time.  The more access you have to your Instructor, the more likely you are to get the answers you need to questions you have.  As well, you won’t waste valuable time…only to find out later that you were doing your homework all wrong.

The Certification and Credentials received by graduating from a PCC help individuals return to work with new careers quickly and efficiently.  Some PCC’s also provide graduates with job search tools.  This knowledge and information allows graduates to find a job upon graduation.  Being able to market or sell yourself immediately upon graduation to employers who have current employment opportunities, is every graduates wish.   Linking employers with entry level graduates, this is another feature benefit of training with a quality Ontario Career College.

Ontario Career Colleges help graduates help themselves and others; improving the quality of their lives and everyone around them…this is the power of Ontario Career College Training.



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