The Best Trucking Driver Schools Give You On-Road Experience – Here’s How to Prepare

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You’ve got a lot of choices in trucking driver schools in Ontario – but one of the most important things is to pick a school that gives you real practical experience. Too many schools, particularly those in the middle of a city, only teach to the driving test and leave out real-world training. This won’t do! You’ll be responsible for many tons of cargo, and need to protect yourself, the cargo, and bystanders while on the road.  That means actually getting out there, in a real truck, with a driving instructor.

At the 5th Wheel trucking driver school, we’re dedicated to giving you the best possible preparation for your future career – including plenty of practical training. How can you prepare for this? We’ve got a few tips.

Making The Most Of Your On-The-Road Trucking Training

1 – Be respectful and professional

There’s nothing wrong with having fun on the road, and once you’re on your own, you’re free to be as chatty as you like. However, when you ride with an instructor, you want to have your game face on. Be serious, be respectful, and be professional. This tells your instructor that you’re serious about your training, and about your new career.  They’ll appreciate your dedication.

2 – Do plenty of pre-planning

Once you’re fully trained and, on the road, you’ll probably become comfortable ‘winging it’ on jobs. However, you should use your training time to show off how well you can pre-plan your trips. Do your homework. Look up routes online. Dig around in Google Maps / Google Earth looking for areas that might cause problems. In other words, be prepared.

3 – Don’t skimp on the pre-trip inspections

It’s easy to become anxious and want to get the trip underway ASAP but resist this urge.  Follow your checklists to the letter. Do every step of your pre-trip inspection meticulously, no matter how tedious it seems. Again, your instructor will appreciate this attention to detail, and the dedication it shows.

4 – Follow instructions

Your driving instructor will have years, maybe even decades, of experience on the road.  Always listen to them. Even if your hands are on the wheel, when they make a suggestion, you should do as they say.  Their experience can save you a lot of grief – and it might even save lives.

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