Stay Safe on The Road When You Begin Your Truck Driving Career

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A great truck driving school in Ontario isn’t only concerned with helping you get your license – they should be looking to support you once you begin your career as well. At 5th Wheel, we genuinely care about our students. We offer lifetime job placement assistance to help you find jobs, and we absolutely want you staying safe on the road once you’re hired.

It’s easy to get nervous on your first runs and forget about some safety basics. These are some of the most important tips you should always keep in mind.

Four Easy Ways To Stay Safe On Your First Truck Driving Runs

1 – Wear Your  Seatbelt

This might sound obvious, but studies have shown that around 1 in 6 truck drivers don’t wear their seat belt. This is unnecessarily dangerous. Roughly 40% of people who die in traffic accidents do so because they weren’t belted in. Also, it’s the law in both Canada and the US.  If a cop spots you without your belt, you’re looking at delays and probably a ticket.

2 – Minimize cell phone use.

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents on the road, and cell phones are a major contributing factor. Resist the urge to check your phone while you’re driving. Your dispatcher will be able to contact you directly in the cab, and everything else can wait until your next rest stop.

Also, as with seat belts, laws in most provinces and states prohibit using a phone while driving. So besides keeping you safe, this will also keep the police off your tail.

3 – Plan your trip ahead of time.

Don’t blindly rely on your GPS to navigate. They aren’t perfect. Maps are changed, and there are always unexpected contingencies, such as traffic jams. Also, if you’re hauling a larger load, you must check out overpass heights before you get on the road, or you could get stuck – literally – in a very nasty situation.

4 – Keep a larger safe driving distance around other vehicles

A multi-ton truck and trailer takes a lot longer to slow down than a civilian vehicle, and it’s much slower to turn or change lanes as well. You need to give yourself plenty of space, particularly in front, so that you’ll have time to react safely to changing traffic conditions.

Our Ontario Truck Driving School

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