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Training Choices

You have made the decision to take the step towards a new or first career.  You have found your funding options and now need to make the decision into which training institution will provide you with the best options to enter the workforce.  You have called schools across the province to see what their training can provide you.  You have researched what your career choice needs like safety wallet cards, training certification, license, diploma, etc.  That will leave you with a handful of school choices to sort through.

Do the schools’ curriculum, atmosphere, start dates, residence and location work best for you?

You should take every avenue to research your school options.  You should visit the campus or training sites if you are able to.  Look online for any training reviews.  Check for Facebook, Twitter, school websites, and if there are any school videos posted online on YouTube. You can request program information from the schools to compare details.  Speak with people in your career choice to see what school they suggest or if they know anyone who has attended your school of choice.

Do you choose a program close to home or one further away?

Since not all training programs can be provided in your hometown, majority of the time you will need to leave home to pursue your career choice.  You might find that a local option is convenient since it is closer to home but you should still research whether the closer option met all your requirements needed for your new career.

This is a great time to get in training for your new life style. Careers like trucking or construction take you away from home and this is a great opportunity to train yourself and your family/friends/pets to be away from home for periods of time.  This might make the transition from always being at home to being away easier for those in your life.  This will give you time to also focus on your studies.  While you are home, you are doing required home tasks like laundry, dishes, yard work, etc. that can leave you distracted from your learning.  When you are away, adjustments need to be worked out on home chore schedules and who can help with repairs while you are away.  Can anything wait until you are return home from work?

What will make the journey to a school away from home is if the school helps to provide residence for you to stay at.  It takes away the stress of having to find your own place.  An even better option is if you can find a school that provides a place to stay that will not charge for your residence.  Fewer bills while away from home will provide the most convenience.

Have you heard feedback on what the employer prefers?

Speaking to employers to make the decision on your school choice is very important since the goal of training is to find work afterwards.  A great benefit while in training is getting to network with other students and seeing what career opportunities they are looking towards.  You will get to meet people from across the province and sometimes across the country.  Should they get in a position at a company, they can always suggest your name if they are looking for more people.  Networking while in training can help you get into your new career.  Employers want to know that you received reputable training and having someone vouch for you is the best resume you can provide.


Which school will provide all your requirements needed for your career?

Making the best decision towards future employment starts with the proper training.  While it can seem black and white on how to make a decision to your training needs, there is always a grey area to look into what the other benefits are to options you might not consider at first.TradesAwayFromHome_2

Look at what provides the most for your training needs, school qualities, career requirements upon your life schedule, and networking for your career afterwards is always a good start.  This is a life altering decision and finding the right career choice and training institution is going to help you get into the workforce.



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