Reasons to Choose Transport Truck Driver Training At 5th Wheel Training Institute

Transport Truck Driver Training
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There’s no better time to consider transport truck driver training. With demand for truckers at an all-time high across the continent, truck driver training from 5th Wheel Training Institute can get you on the road to a new career quickly and easily.

Why choose 5th Wheel Training Institute out of all the many options in truck driving schools? Simply put, we go well beyond most other truck driving institutes with an array of features and benefits that help you become a fully qualified and safe truck driver.

Five Reasons to Pick 5th Wheel Training Institute for Your Transport Truck Driver Training

  1. Years of Experience

We’ve been in operation since 1985, giving us more than thirty years of excellence in training. Unlike many of the more recent schools, we’ve seen the trends of the industry over the years and can give you real practical advice on how to build a career, which will also last for decades.  We have learned over the years how to effectively and safely take someone who has never shifted a gear in a car and put them on the road to success guiding 18 wheels across Canada.

  1. Highly Qualified Teaching Staff

Our teachers aren’t theoretical – every one of them has spent years on the road, and is here specifically to pass on their knowledge and insights to the next generation of truck drivers. These aren’t dry textbook-based courses. You’re hearing directly from people who’ve seen and done it all, and want to ensure you avoid many of the problems new drivers can see.

  1. Superior Training Grounds

The two main 5th Wheel Training Institute campuses, near London and North Bay, are both on large plots of ground that we’ve converted into training facilities, where we can simulate conditions you’ll see on the road and in yards. Our simulated work sites are specifically designed to show you exactly the challenges you’ll have to overcome in real life, along with the on-the-road training you’ll need to make it through a long day of driving.

  1. Deep Industry Contacts

Thanks to our record of excellence and establised reputation having successfully putting new operators on the road since 1985 we are one of the first sources that major national carriers come to when looking for new recruits. When a class is near graduation, we regularly see recruiters let the students know what their company can offer them, with the best receiving offers the moment they’re certified.  

  1. Life-Long Support

We are always ready to help graduates of our transport truck driver training programs, no matter how long it’s been. With our long history, you know we’ll always be here for you. If you’re ever struggling to find work, you can give us a call and we’ll see that you’re taken care of.  

Transport Truck Driver Training

Ready to Hit the Road with Your New Career?

As one of the best truck driving training schools in the industry, 5th Wheel Training Institute is ready to take willing applicants and turn them into top-tier drivers.  If you’re up for the challenge, contact us today for enrollment information!



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