Reasons to Choose an Ontario Truck Driving School like 5th Wheel Training Institute

Ontario Truck Driving School
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As a highly-respected Ontario truck driving school, 5th Wheel Training Institute is here to tell you that there’s no better time to switch careers. No matter what you were doing before, truck-driving is a field that’s open to anyone with good work ethic, a willingness to learn, and a desire for greatness.

Many people, in fact, are surprised at just how many people are considering careers in trucking. It’s a great time to move into the industry for many reasons, and a large variety of people are interested in doing just that. From high school graduates who want to avoid the crushing debt associated with four-year colleges, to people who are horrified at the thought of spending their entire lives working in cubicles, there’s a reason for just about anyone to consider a move into trucking.

Why More and More People Are Looking to An Ontario Truck Driving School for New Career Opportunities

  1. Huge Job Opportunities

Despite employing over 500,000 people in Canada alone – and millions across the whole of North America – the trucking industry is consistently facing a deficit of drivers. The demands of manufacturing, retail, construction, and every other job that necessitates drivers are constantly beyond the current ability of truck drivers to handle.  

Simply put, this means that anyone who is qualified and licensed can be a trucker. Almost entirely regardless of your gender, age, background, or job history, there are companies out there who are hiring qualified people to keep up with demand.  

If you’re tired of finishing one short-term job after another, always wondering where your next job will come from, trucking can provide your solution.

  1. Get Training in Many Different Vehicles

When you attend a school with a history like 5th Wheel Training Institute, you aren’t only learning to drive a transport truck. We can train you on a wide variety of heavy machines, such as excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, dump trucks, skid-steers, fork-lifts and more. Our graduates often pick up a half-dozen wallet cards, at least, certifying them on the most common heavy equipment out there.

Additionally, we provide support in getting both DZ- and AZ-class Ontario licenses, to ensure you have everything you need for your new career. That’s the best way to assure you have job opportunities at all times of year, whether you’d rather be on the road or staying closer to home.

  1. A Job with Real Freedom

Are you a self-starter? Do you dislike micro-managing teachers, professors, managers, or executives who feel the need to hover over you all the time? If so, you’re a good fit for our Ontario truck driving school! From local in-province jobs to trips that could take you across America, there are few jobs still available that allow you the same level of freedom and autonomy as truck driving.  

You have to get cargo from Point A to Point B, but much of your time between those two points is spent the way you want it behind the wheel! And in the meantime, you get to watch some of the most spectacular landscape in the world roll past your windows.

  1. Go Independent and Truly Live the Life

For many truckers, of course, the real goal is to build up the cash -or the credit rating- to buy their own truck and go fully independent. When you own your own truck with a sleeper cab, the highway could be your home. Go where you want, work when you want to work, and see the sights across the continent like few other people ever have the opportunity to do.

The right Ontario truck driving school could be your gateway to a life of independence and adventure.  

Get Your Truck Training from True Experts

With more than thirty years’ experience, few truck driving schools are more respected than 5th Wheel Training Institute. Very few schools that were operation when we first opened in 1985 are still in business, that’s because of our focus on quality and safety in our training courses.

In just a few weeks of intensive training, you could be ready for an entirely new career. Contact us today to make it happen!



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