Read This Before You Sign Up for An AZ Truck Driving School

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It’s a great time to look into a career in trucking!  The industry continues to suffer a serious shortage of drivers, so anyone with the drive and determination to get their AZ Commercial License is going to be in a great position to get jobs immediately out of school.  Your prospects are even better when you partner with a school like 5th Wheel Training, with a long list of industry contacts you can leverage.

However, that doesn’t mean you should drop everything you’re doing to find an AZ truck driving school.  There’s a lot to consider before you sign up, if you’re going to give yourself the best chance of success.

Four Things to Know Before You Attend an AZ Truck Driving School

1 – Be prepared for intensive training

A quality truck driving school is geared around providing you with all the information you need to succeed as an entry-level trucker, in a relatively short amount of time.  These are not laid-back night classes.  In most cases, your stint at a top-notch truck driving school will require as much time commitment as a full-time job – or more!  For roughly two months, you’ll be living and breathing trucks with little or no time for anything else.

2 – You need a budget in place

You’re not going to be earning money while attending a truck driving school, so you’ll want to have money set aside to live on while you attend.  Some schools may provide residence but you’ll want to find out about that when you’re researching.  You will also need to know if the residence provided will allow you to stay over the weekends while you are there, or will you be expected to leave at the end of each week.  Either way, you will need money for various sundries, so plan ahead.

3 – Get all Your Required Documentation

Before you can attend a truck driving school in Ontario, you will need to have several documents in place.  First you will need your MTO medical, this will require you getting the Ministry of Transportation approved medical form completed by a doctor. You will need to book an appointment and pay a fee with your family doctor or at a local clinic to get that completed.  You will also need to provide proof of a grade 10 or grade 10 equivalency, so this will require you to provide a transcript and/or diploma from your high school, college or university. If you never completed high school, you may have to arrange to be tested for grade 10 equivalency at the college you wish to attend.  Finally, you will need to provide your drivers abstract from the MTO.  This abstract will provide proof that you have your minimum full G license and that your driving record is clean enough to assure a trucking company will want to hire you!

4 – You will be expected to work

There is room to have fun at a truck driving school but make no mistake – everyone attending is there because they want a new career.  Understand this, and be serious-minded about your studies, and everything should go well.


5th Wheel Training Institute is one of Ontario’s premiere AZ truck driving schools.  Contact us today to learn about our programs!




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