Truck Training – The PTDI Advantage

PTDI Certified Courses

Truck Training – The PTDI Advantage

What are the advantages to registering in a Truck Training Program that is certified by the PTDI?

Who is PTDI and what does it do for truck training?

  • Since 1985, the PTDI has been working with the carriers, truck training schools, insurance industry, and government to make safety an international #1 priority in the trucking industry.
  • PTDI is the first nonprofit organization to develop uniform skill performance, curriculum and certification for the trucking industry. It is also the first to award course certification to entry-level truck driver courses.
  • PTDI works with trucking companies and schools throughout the certification process to obtain international recognition that their programs meet these standards.
  • Certification is voluntary. Schools ask the PTDI to evaluate their Entry-level Truck Driving training programs so it will become certified.
  • PTDI- certified courses are currently offered at 4 schools in Ontario and 58 schools in the United States.
  • The Ontario Trucking Association endorses the PTDI standards. 



To put quality truck drivers on the road by improving

  1. Truck driver training
  2. Quality and standards
  3. Professionalism


All aspects of the program are evaluated and must meet PTDI Certification Standards

Standard 1 – Course Administration

Standard 2 – Curriculum

Standard 3 – Instructional Personnel

Standard 4 – Truck Training Vehicles

Standard 5 – Instruction

Standard 6 – Student Evaluation and Testing

Standard 7 – Outcomes

Standard 8 – Records

Standard 9 – Options


To maintain Certification the school must

  1. Submit Annual Reports of its activities
  2. Accept to a recertification and on-site audit every 5 years
  3. Meet all the standards during the audit

 What are the advantages to a student?

The student who registered in a certified program has an assurance that:

  • The program he or she receives is of the highest quality.
  • Each student will receive the program and hours of operation that were promised.
  • The instructors have the experience and skills to teach.
  • The learning environment is safe, sanitary and comfortable.
  • The vehicles, buildings and classrooms are in good working order.
  • The classroom and practical training is organized and teaches all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workplace.
  • The truck training is conducted in a way to ensure each student gets personal attention.
  • Evaluations are frequent to ensure the student knows how he/she is doing.
  • Students and instructors sign a training log to ensure that all hours and courses are taught.
  • Graduates of PTDI-certified course who complete all school and PTDI requirements will receive a PTDI Certificate of Attainment.



Visit the PTDI Web Portal featuring info on or links to:

  • Driver Qualifications
  • Checklist for Quality Courses in Truck Training
  • Schools with PTDI-certified courses
  • School eligibility requirements, tuition, and funding.
  • Curriculum guidelines
  • FAQs
  • And more!


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