Why do people choose DZ Training in Ontario?

DZ Training in Ontario
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Why Choose DZ Training in Ontario?

The Class D licence lets the driver operate any truck or vehicle combination exceeding 11,000 Kilograms. A DZ licence holder can drive dump trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks, large fire trucks and many more heavy vehicles. Having the ability to operate heavy trucks comes with a multitude of advantages and benefits. Completing your DZ training in Ontario with 5th Wheel Training Institute will allow you to take advantage of these benefits.

A benefit to you, year-round

They say there are two seasons in Canada: Winter and Construction. With a DZ license you can bet that the seasons will always be in your favour. You see the amount of construction we run into on something habitual like a daily commute. So it goes without saying that skilled operators of trucks used by construction teams are heavily in demand. When winter sets in, it’s always those with DZ training operating the snow plows that ensure our safety on winter roads. DZ licence holders not only keep the roads safe, firefighter who operate fire trucks must also hold the licence.

The return on investment

AZ license training can cost between $7000 and $13,000. Although the return on this training program is more than worth it, some find it hard to cough up a large sum initially. That is why the DZ licence training is a great alternative. The DZ licence training program is $6,000 and offers a great entry level opportunity into the world and career of truck driving. It allows young people to get into the field for initial delivery jobs and for them to prove themselves as reliable workers. This can even lead to employers paying for AZ Licences later on. The Canada-Ontario Job Grant exists for companies to get funding to upgrade existing staff. A win-win for everybody.

It’s never too late to learn

If you’re considering part time or seasonal work in truck driving, consider that many people in the 50’s are getting their DZ license to get part time delivery jobs or seasonal snow plowing jobs. These jobs are not only an opportunity for you, but a necessity to society.

If a stable and in demand career change is in your future, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact your friends at 5th Wheel Training Institute about how to get your DZ training and Licence in Ontario!



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