Ontario Truck Training Leads to Great Job Opportunities

Ontario Truck Training
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There is no doubt that attending a quality Ontario truck training program can lead to huge job opportunities. After all, the trucking industry across North America is still suffering from a severe lack of drivers, and many transportation companies are hiring every qualified driver they can.

However, this does not guarantee a job straight out of your Ontario truck training school. Newcomers may still have to put in some legwork to find initial employment.  We do what we can to help alumni find trucking jobs, but there are plenty of things you can also do to make the job hunt easier.

Ensuring you have fewer barriers to employment will greatly increase the chances of your new career paying off.

5 Tips to Increase Your Marketability After Ontario Truck Training

  1. Be prepared for odd hours without complaint

The more flexible you are about your schedule, the better. Trucking may mean being called to drive at extremely unusual hours, or putting in very long hours behind the wheel. Truck driving is not, and never will be, a 9-to-5 job.  If you understand this, accept this, and are prepared to say, “Yes sir or Yes ma’am!” no matter when you’re asked to drive, you will be in much better shape.

  1. Your family must be somewhat self-supporting

Plenty of truck drivers have families. However, they have families who can get by without one parent being there for several days at a time. There is a definite sacrifice to be made here, but it’s unavoidable. Only a small percentage of trucking companies will be able to accommodate an entry-level driver who needs to constantly be home caring for their family.

  1. Don’t have a criminal record

Being an ex-con doesn’t preclude being a truck driver, but it will make your life more difficult. In particular, it may create problems crossing borders, such as in\out of the United States. Obviously, the worse the crimes on record, the more problem this will cause.

If you do have a criminal record, talk to a lawyer. In some cases, there may be ways to obtain pardons or to have the crime expunged from your record.  This is not a guarantee, but it is worth investigating the possibility.

  1. Understand real work is involved

If you’ve only seen truck-driving shows or played truck-driving simulator games, it’s easy to think trucking is all about the driving. It’s not. You will be responsible for maintaining your truck, for helping with loading and unloading, and other sorts of physical labor. Don’t complain; it’s part of the job.

  1. Be willing to start at the bottom

The big money doesn’t come all at once. You’ll start at an entry-level position, with a lower salary. You’ll need to learn the rules of your company, and be willing to submit to oversight until you’ve proven yourself reliable. Patience and good grace during this onboarding period will go a long way.

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