Is an Ontario Heavy Equipment Operator School Right for You?

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If you’re tired of the mundane and the everyday work experience, 5th Wheel Training Institute has put together a helpful guide to see if your interests align with the demands and perks of the roles possible through Ontario heavy equipment operator school.

  1. Do you like being outdoors in the elements?

There was once a time when heavy equipment jobs were seasonal, where the work was only available depending on the weather. Not anymore. Heavy equipment operators are expected to be on the job in all reasonable conditions.

  1. Do you mind working hours other than 9-5?

The average working world runs from 9-5, Monday to Friday. The work schedule of a heavy equipment operator is different. If the construction company is under tight deadlines, workers can be on site nearly 24/7. Road construction mainly happens in the cover of darkness, under the lights and building construction can primarily be for early risers.

  1. Do you mind doing physical labour?

If you’re fresh out of an Ontario heavy equipment operator school, chances are you are you might not to be handed equipment to operate on the first day on the job. Before your new employer puts you behind the controls of an expensive machine, they may decide to you with a rake and shovel. Even after mastering the function of some equipment, it would be wise to get out the machine and use a banjo(shovel) near foundation and gas lines. And sometimes, you just need to get out of the operators seat to get a grasp of what’s going on in the site.

  1. Do you not mind being away from home? Can your family cope with you being out of town for more than a couple of days at a time?

Construction is a booming industry but that doesn’t always mean that the boom is near you. Heavy equipment operator jobs don’t always mean you can work close to home. Contractors can often bid for projects out of town, and that means you’ll have to go to the project site. A lucrative option for those financially motivated is the mining industry. The lifestyle in mining usually means you’ll be working for many days in a row in a remote camp and come home for a week or more.

If you answered positively to the questions above, then the career path of a heavy equipment operator is for you. The first step in your path is schooling.

5th Wheel Training Institute has been the choice for many wishing to upgrade their careers into a more lucrative path. From truck driving to machine operating, students graduating from 5th Wheel enter the industry with top notch education and are prepared for any level of external or governmental testing needed to certify the employee according to local laws. For a wholesome education experience and all around preparedness when looking for an Ontario heavy equipment operator school, Contact Us at 5th Wheel Training Institute with any questions, comments or to schedule a tour.



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