How an Ontario DZ License Certification Can Help You

DZ License in Ontario
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It’s a great time to look into getting a DZ license in Ontario!

The DZ-class driving license certifies you to run a huge variety of commercial machines exceeding 11,000kg, including most commercial trucks, garbage trucks, cement trucks, and fire\rescue vehicles. A DZ license in Ontario is your gateway to a wide variety of new career opportunities, as well as the potential to go independent with your own truck.  

There are far too many possibilities with a DZ license to fully list, but here are just a few of your options!

Great Career Opportunities with A DZ License in Ontario

  • Plenty of construction work options, from on-site work to moving light equipment from site to site.
  • Plowing snow in the winter, which is a great option to supplement your income during months with little construction.
  • Driving fire trucks or ambulances, helping protect your community.
  • Traditional truck-driving, from long-hauls to short local runs.
  • Garbage truck driving, a great paying career.
  • Driving any vehicle with air brakes.  That’s what the “Z” in DZ stands for. Even smaller trucks weighing less than 11,000kg still require a Z if they have air brakes.  

Need an AZ-Class License Instead?  We Can Help!

A class AZ license is needed when driving exceptionally heavy loads where the cargo exceeds 4600kg, and the vehicle utilizes air brakes. AZ also covers hauling many forms of heavy machinery such as large diggers and backhoes. We offer advanced training courses which can prepare you for an AZ license as well.  

One important thing to keep in mind is that AZ licenses are not cheap to obtain – they’re more than two times the cost of a DZ license, due to the intensive training necessary. We often recommend our students begin by obtaining a DZ license, and we can offer discounted rates on further AZ training as they’re able to take advantage of their advanced standing. 

5th Wheel Takes You Where You Want to Go

Whether you’re just out of school, or you’ve dreamed of operating your own truck for years, or you’re just desperate to get out from under the glare of fluorescent lights in an office, 5th Wheel Training Institute can get you on a new career path. We have more than thirty years’ experience training drivers and heavy machine operators, and we have plenty of industry contacts to help you find those valuable jobs.

Contact us today for more information and class schedules!



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