Now Is a Great Time to Take CDL Classes and Become a Truck Driver

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Are you tired of your current job?

Are you sick of working in cubicles, or being stuck at home?

Would you be interested in a career with plenty of personal freedom and good pay?

If so, this might be the perfect time for you to look into taking CDL classes from an Ontario trucking school like our 5th Wheel Training Institute.  This is the best way of getting into trucking while helping to ensure you have a good job as soon as you graduate.

Why become a trucker now?  There are so many reasons.

Ten Big Reasons To Attend CDL Classes At A Reputable Ontario Trucking School

1 – Huge demand

North America is facing a serious trucker shortage, with tens of thousands of positions going unfilled.  There’s high demand for workers with commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) in pretty much every field that needs them – also including construction, civic work, and bus driving.

If you have a CDL, you will have no problem finding work.  In uncertain economic times, having credentials that virtually guarantee employment could add so much security to your life.

2 – Good pay

Truck driving also pays extremely well.  Looking at the entire field, average wages in Canada are above $20/hour, according to various sources.  When you narrow it down to long-haul truckers (the most in-demand type) that goes up even higher, with salaries starting above $50,000 per year.

And truck drivers who prove their worth and put in the time can easily pull down annual salaries over $100,000, with a few years of experience.

But of course, that’s just the financial side.  What are the benefits to the job itself?

3 – Choose your own hours

Truck drivers have plenty of room to choose their hours and work when they want to work.  Granted, once you take a load, you will be locked into the delivery timetable – but you usually have plenty of freedom to choose when and how you work.  If you need time off, that’s usually not a problem.

4 – Enjoy freedom from micromanagement

If you like to be given a job, and then left alone to do it your way, truck driving could be perfect for you.  You’ll have a dispatcher, of course, and you’re accountable for the load you’re hauling – but no one will be looking over your shoulder the whole way.  You get plenty of personal responsibility and far fewer management hassles than with most other jobs.

5 – Work towards true independence

For many truck drivers, their ultimate goal is to own their own rig.  This is entirely achievable, too.  A semi truck will typically cost between $100,000-$200,000, but if you’re making $50K+ per year, that’s not so bad.  Once you have your own truck, you’ll have complete control over your hours and your career – plus, with a sleeper truck, you’ll always have a home-away-from-home when you’re on the road.

6 – Enjoy the drive

If you love the outdoors, it’s hard to find a better career than truck driving.  You’ll be one of the lucky people who get to enjoy everything about this great continent.  If you choose long-haul trucking, you’ll also be able to fully explore Canada, the US, maybe even Mexico.  You need to be OK with spending long periods on your own, of course, but for many people, that’s just part of the appeal.

It’d just be you, your truck, the road, and endless sights to see.

7 – Branch out into other fields of commercial driving

Of course, not everyone wants to own their own truck.  For some, getting a CDL from an Ontario trucking school is just the first step towards numerous certifications.  Once you have a CDL, it’s easy to pick up certifications for construction equipment, bus-driving, and other passenger vehicles, and more.

Now, why would you want to take CDL classes specifically?

8 – Get trained by the best

Having a CDL by itself isn’t enough to guarantee good employment – you also need experience.  When you attend CDL classes from a reputable school, you’ll get genuine hands-on training from instructors who’ve been taken directly from the field.  This will put you well ahead of the curve, and be a great selling point once you start talking to employers.

9 – It’s fast and affordable

Truck driver classes typically only take a few months, and prices are reasonable.  It does require some out-of-pocket money, but you’ll quickly see a return on your investment in the form of a great job with great wages.

10 – Get help after you graduate

The best Ontario truck driving schools have direct connections to the shipping industry, with recruiters actively coming to them for new hires.  They’ll also maintain job boards and other resources to help you find work.  This makes it even more certain you’ll be able to quickly find employment after you graduate.


5th Wheel Training is the premiere Ontario trucking school, with a long history and our own dedicated hands-on training grounds.  If it’s time to embrace a fun, exciting, and lucrative new career, click here to learn more!


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