5th Wheel Training Institute More than Just a Trucking School

5th Wheel Training Institute, Ontario truck training academy
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When many people hear 5th Wheel Training Institute they think of a trucking school. But we are so much more than that!
Since 1985, 5th Wheel Training Institute has been dedicated to providing men and women from across Canada with required skills and certification to meet current employer’s demands for entry-level operators in accordance with government regulation.

Over the last 30+ years, our dedicated staff have accumulated an abundance of experience in dealing with the issues confronting experienced and inexperienced workers seeking training for today’s workforce. This blog provides a new exciting venue for us to share our experience with a wider audience. Our intent is to assist more hard-working Canadians to achieve personal success in rewarding lucrative careers.

Even if our reader’s interests are not related to careers as heavy equipment operators, truck drivers or mechanic’s assistants, we will provide valuable information and insight for those outside of these professions. Training the adult learner is our specialty, it is what has allowed us to attain a leadership role in training the Province of Ontario. So regardless the career we can relate to the challenges for individuals seeking training.

Watch for upcoming posts discussing funding options in the province of Ontario, a student’s expectations of Ontario Career College Training and steps to acquiring that all important first job after attending training. We will also discuss the merits and pitfalls of careers as Heavy Equipment Operators and Truck Drivers and the different markets one can tap into after completing their training.



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