How You Get an AZ License in Ontario

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If you’re looking to become a truck driver in Ontario, you need the right driver’s license to be able to legally operate the equipment. In most cases, that means getting an AZ license and the training necessary to qualify for it.

What is an AZ license, and what do you need to do to get one? 5th Wheel Training Institute is here to help!

What Is an AZ License in Ontario?

The AZ license is basically two licenses in one. The “A” part means it’s a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and that you’re qualified to drive heavy loaded trucks, tractor-trailers, or pull double trailers.

The “Z” is a special certification on the use of air brakes, which are common in commercial vehicles and behave differently from standard disc brakes on cars. You don’t technically need to have the Z certification, but your employment opportunities will be very limited without it.

So, nearly all commercial truckers in Ontario opt for an AZ license.

How Do You Get an Ontario AZ License?

First, there are some basic requirements you need to meet before you should even consider looking into a career in trucking.

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must already have an Ontario Full Class G license for four-wheeled vehicles
  • You need to have a reasonably clean driving record. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but too many moving violations – or any DUI convictions – will make qualification difficult.
  • You should not have a criminal record. This is also negotiable, depending on the situation, but major offenses will be deal-breakers, especially anything involving theft or fraud.
  • You must pass a health and physical examination, and not have any medical conditions which could affect your ability to drive. This also includes a vision test, but corrective lenses are fine.

Then you need to get trained! You are required to have a minimum of 103.5 hours study at an accredited Ontario truck driving school, as well as another 8 hours training for the Z air brake certification.

Finally, you need to pass official written and on-road tests for both the truck and its air brakes.

If you can do all this, you can find a lucrative new career as an Ontario truck driver!

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