How To Get An AZ License At A Truck Driving School In Ontario

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If you’re thinking about getting into truck driving, there’s one thing you need more than anything else:  An AZ commercial driver’s license.  The AZ license gives you the right to drive any legal combination of truck + trailer and is what distinguishes heavy truckers from every other commercial driver.

So, what does it take to earn an AZ license through a truck driving school in Ontario?  Here are the basics.

How To Get Your AZ Commercial Driver’s License

I. Basic Qualifications

To be able to receive a CDL, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a full (non-learners) license for regular four-wheeled vehicles.  Bike licenses don’t count.
  • Hold an Ontario grade 10 education or an approved equivalence
  • Submit a medical report (certain medical conditions can disqualify you if they’d be a danger on the road)
  • Complete both written and on-road tests

Doing the latter also requires attending a truck driving school in Ontario which is MELT-compliant.

II. Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT)

In 2017, new regulations were passed updating the minimum amount of training all truck drivers must have before they’re allowed to apply for a license.

This means you must receive at least 103.5 hours of training, split between classroom work and hands-on training.

Truck driving is a dangerous profession, so it’s vital that students receive extensive training before being allowed behind the wheel.

III. “Z” Endorsement Air Brake Certification

The “Z” in an AZ license means that you’re certified to operate large machinery that uses air brakes.  Air brakes are different enough from standard car brakes that they require specific training.  Fortunately, the training is typically only around 8-12 hours, plus a test to demonstrate your skills.

It is possible to get an A-Class CDL without the Z certification but doing so would greatly restrict what vehicles you could legally drive.  In practical terms, the Z cert is required if you want to work as a commercial driver.

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