How to Get A DZ License in Ontario

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Are you interested in commercial vehicle work, but don’t want to get into trucking due to the long drives and hard hours? Then getting a DZ license might be the right choice. You’d have plenty of job opportunities, as well as doing genuinely rewarding work that benefits the public as well as yourself.

What Is An Ontario DZ License?

The DZ license is actually two licenses in one. The “D” part denotes heavy equipment, over 11,000 kilograms (24,000 lb) gross weight, potentially also towing cargo up to 4,600 kilograms (10,000 lb). “Z” indicates proficiency with air brakes, which are a separate test due to how different they are from standard hydraulic or electric brakes.

With these two license certifications, you’d be able to operate a wide range of larger vehicles, particularly those used in municipal work. This includes machines such as dump trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, and other large rescue vehicles. You’d also potentially be able to operate some construction vehicles, although this wouldn’t include most heavy construction machines.

What Do You Need To Get A DZ License?

The basic requirements are fairly simple:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You need a grade 10 english or equivalency test
  • You need to already have a valid Ontario G-class license (not including learner’s permits such as G1).
  • You need to pass Ministry of Transportation in Ontario mandated medical and physical requirements to demonstrate you’re physically capable of operating the vehicle.
  • You need to pass tests for the D and Z license, as well as demonstrating on-road proficiency with the vehicle(s) you’ve trained on.

Of those, the most difficult aspect is obtaining training. For that, your best option is to attend a DZ license course.

How Do You Find A Good DZ License Course In Ontario?

There are plenty of schools offering training for DZ licenses and associated vehicles. You want a school with a long history, which has proven itself to offer solid educations. It should be located outside the city so that there’s enough space for you to actually train on the vehicles themselves – a CDL-focused school won’t give you practical experience.  Ideally, they should have dedicated training grounds.

Also, look into what sort of services they offer to graduates. The best DZ training courses don’t just educate you; they also offer resources to make your job hunt easier.

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