How Heavy Equipment Training Benefits Your Career

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If you’re thinking about moving into a career in heavy equipment operation, you’ve got a few different ways to do it. In many cases, it’s possible to get hired directly at a construction company, and ‘work your way up’ from an apprenticeship. However, this isn’t necessarily the best choice. Receiving training from an accredited heavy equipment training school can have numerous long-term benefits for your career that more than justify the added expense.

Why go through a heavy machine operator training program? Here are some of the big reasons.

1 – Have more control over your career

If you get hired directly by a construction company to be trained as you work, you’re almost certainly going to get locked into a substantial contract with that company. Breaking it could be extremely damaging to your career, or even leave you responsible for repaying your training costs. Being independently trained means you’ll have a lot more room to bargain and get favorable terms in your contract.

2 – Pick up multiple certifications

The most attractive workers for construction companies, municipalities, and anyone else working with heavy equipment will be those with a range of experiences. If you train on a few different vehicles before entering the workforce, you will have a much easier time finding work – and probably at a higher pay rate as well. Not to mention that the more machines you can operate, the less chance of you being stuck without work during the off-season.

3 – Better resources for finding work

A great heavy equipment training school won’t simply help you get your certificates and then push you out the door. They’ll have resources specifically intended to help you find work afterward, as well as industry contacts you wouldn’t have access to on your own. The best schools will even have recruiters surveying classes, looking to hire workers immediately after graduation.

This can substantially reduce your job hunt, as well as helping seasonal or independent contractors find a constant flow of work.

4 – Improved job satisfaction

Believe it or not, multiple studies have shown that heavy machine operators are among the most satisfied with their jobs, among the general workforce. That satisfaction only goes up when they’re well-trained, have stable employment, and are under a contract with favorable terms. Quality training programs help make this happen!

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