How Do You Get A DZ License in Ontario?

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If you’re interested in operating heavy equipment, or light trucking, but you don’t want to do long hauls, then a DZ License might be perfect for you.  The D-class license allows you to operate heavy vehicles exceeding 11,000kg, while potentially towing up to 4,600kg. So, this excludes large cargo trailers, but it does qualify you to operate a range of other professional heavy vehicles such as straight trucks, cement trucks, dump trucks, snowplows, and similar vehicles.

The Z in the license means you can operate vehicles with air brakes. This is usually required since air brakes are standard on most heavy machinery, but technically not mandatory.

The best way to get a DZ license involves attending a DZ license course from a respected heavy vehicle school, but that’s only part of the process.  Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are the Requirements for A DZ License In Ontario?

These requirements are set by the government, and subject to change. As of writing, the basic qualifications are:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and have grade 10 english or proof of equivalence.
  • You must hold a valid G-class license for four-wheeled vehicles.
  • You must attend a DZ license course or other training school.
  • You must pass written and road tests.
  • You must pass a vision test (with corrective lenses if needed).
  • You must submit a valid medical report showing your physical ability to operate heavy vehicles.

What Does A DZ License Course Entail?

Again, standards for training are not mandated by the government. Currently, it is recommended that your training is split into three categories of training:

  1. 65+ hours of classroom learning.
  2. 22+ hours of hands-on practical training
  3. 8 hours of combined classroom and practical training for the Z air brake certification.

Once you’ve completed those requirements, you’ll be prepared to take the official written and road tests to finally qualify for your DZ license.

So, getting your license will take some work – but typically, a good student who’s ready and willing to work can complete all their coursework and get their license in just a few short weeks.  This is a much shorter span of time than many other professional industries, and you won’t have nearly as much school debt to pay off either!

DZ License Courses & More

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