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As a Training and Employment Specialist presenting Information Sessions for 5th Wheel Training Institute, I’ve approached my job with the attitude that not only am I working for 5th Wheel, but also for people looking to make informed decisions on training allowing them to make a positive change in their lives.  As part of that process, I am also working for the many employment service providers that are there to help these people reach their goals.  I think of it as a  partnership.

When people are considering training for new careers such as a heavy equipment operator or truck driver it’s important they have as much information as possible to not only decide if this is the right career for them but also to decide on an accredited training organization that can best prepare them for future success.

As a service to both the individuals doing research on heavy equipment operator training and/or truck driver training, 5th Wheel Training Institute is ready and willing to conduct information sessions at Employment Ontario service provider offices, First Nations Employment and Training offices or employment action centres.  A 5th Wheel Training and Employment Specialist will deliver a professional PowerPoint presentation covering information on careers in trucking and heavy equipment operation along with going over unique features of 5th Wheel in delivering quality heavy equipment operator training and truck driver training.  These sessions are interactive and questions from attendees are most welcome.  Typically the duration of a session is about one and a half hours.

As a service provider there are a number of good reasons to consider hosting such a session

  • The ability to offer an extra service to your clients
  • A great way to help clients complete Second Career research
  • Increased traffic in your centre
  • A way to introduce new career opportunities to your clients
  • Create more awareness of your centre and services you offer

5th Wheel also helps you with promotion of the event by creating a professional looking flyer, including it in our website coming events listings and on social media and by having our client care ladies encouraging people calling in for information to attend a session in their area.

At the end of the day, hosting 5th Wheel Training Institute Information Sessions is a win-win for all involved….much like a partnership.  Call today to inquire about setting up a session at your centre.



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