What Does Holding an AZ Truck Licence in Ontario Mean for You?

AZ License in Ontario
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Goods, consumer products and food stuffs are vital to our daily life and the world economy. Getting the goods in the hands of the consumer is just as vital. 90% of all consumer goods are shipped by truck and this fact is not changing in the foreseeable future. If you’ve considered changing careers where comfort, freedom and job security matter, getting an AZ license in Ontario is perfect for you. With courses from 5th Wheel Training Institute, you could be well on your way to a rewarding career in Truck Driving.

The Details

The type of truck driving licence depends on a few factors: the weight of the vehicle, the weight of the towed vehicle, the combined weight of the two and whether the vehicle is equipped with air brakes. A Full Class-AZ licence allows you to drive a heavy truck with air brakes and vehicles pulling double trailers. It also covers all vehicles in the Class A licence. Trucks are big machines and the skill set required to operate them is specialized and requires weeks of training. A well-trained operator is a safe operator. Safe for the driver and all those that share the road.

Supply and Demand

As long as there are goods to deliver, drivers will be needed to bring the supply to the demand. The current truck driving workforce is aging rapidly and are desperate for new drivers to replace them. As the younger demographic pursue other interests, the demand for new drivers is simply not being met. A major factor for this discrepancy is a lack of information on the part of the general public. The benefits of getting an AZ Licence, and hence pursuing an career in truck driving have too many positives to ignore.

The Benefits

Many people suffer in cubicles surrounded by people just outside yet isolated inside. A career in truck driving can give you the independence that an office cubicle cannot. Because drivers are so in demand, you are en route for sustained employment, giving you and your family the stability you both deserve. It offers realistic expectations: longer hauls bring in more money initially but local employment will come later giving great money and also a chance to have a home life. And if the preference of locality changes, this career offers the flexibility to relocate as the demand for drivers is consistent across North America.

If a stable and in demand career change is in your future, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact your friends at 5th Wheel Training Institute about how to get your AZ Licence in Ontario!



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