Heavy Equipment Operator Training in Ontario Can Get You the Career You Want

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For more than thirty years, 5th Wheel Training Institute has been among the top truck driving and heavy machinery training schools in Canada, consistently recognized for the quality and safety of our graduates. We are one of the few schools in the country fully certified by the Professional Truck Driver’s Institute, the largest independent trade organization for truck driving trainers in North America.  

When we say we’re among the best, we mean it. And you can be among the best too.

Depending on your needs and licensing status, you could learn a single new machine -such as a bulldozer or excavator- in as little as two weeks. Or, if you are coming in from scratch, perhaps our Truck Driver: DZ and Heavy Equipment Certification: 8-piece is right for you. You’ll get all the training necessary to get a DZ-class license, along with training on eight types of heavy equipment in only six weeks.

These are intensive, full-day classes. We provide on-campus housing specifically so that you can focus on the hard training ahead of you. We won’t lie, our programs are tough, but if you’re tough enough to pass them, you’ll be prepared for a world of new job opportunities.  

You’ll get help every step of the way, from teachers who have all been taken directly from the industry. They know these machines intimately, and they’re waiting to pass on their knowledge to you as well. Further, 5th Wheel Training Institute boasts some of the most impressive training sites you could ever hope to see. Our campuses recreate actual work areas, giving you hands on training with real-world scenarios.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training in Ontario

Most other heavy equipment operator training in Ontario can’t give you that kind of experience. That’s just part of what puts you ahead of the pack when applying for new jobs.

Ready for a New Life?

Operating heavy equipment is hard work, but it’s also fun, rewarding, well-paid, and a job that you could do for the rest of your life. If you’re ready for great new opportunities, please contact 5th Wheel Training Institute for all the information on our upcoming class schedule.



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