FAQs About CDL School in Ontario

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For those considering enrolling in CDL classes in Ontario, you might be wondering how hard the training is or what you might need to pay to enroll in school. As one of Canada’s leading trucking schools, the team from 5th Wheel Training Institute has gathered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from potential students here, so read on!

How long is truck driving school and how much does it cost?

Most CDL training schools in Ontario will be anywhere from 160-200 hours long and approximately 40 hours per week. So it’s most often a four to five-week program that you’ll have to pay for and they can range anywhere from $3-8,000 or more, in some cases.

Do you get paid for CDL training?

Some fleets have their own Driver Certification Program, which provides training and on the job practical experience. Some companies, however, will require that if they pay for your training, you’ll need to work a minimum number of hours or drive a specific number of miles for them. The trucking industry is one of the few out there that are in constant need of drivers, so don’t be surprised if it’s easier to find a job once you’ve obtained your license than you thought.

Can I get a CDL license without attending an Ontario trucking school?

In Ontario and several other provinces across Canada you need to complete Mandatory Entry Level Training to carry an AZ Commercial Driver’s Licence.  Ontario instituted it’s policy before the famous incident in Humboldt Saskatchewan with the untrained driver hitting the hockey team’s bus.  Soon after this tragedy several other provinces instituted similar rules requiring training before anyone can challenge a Ministry of Transportation commercial drivers test.

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