What to Expect from Heavy Equipment Training

What to Expect from Heavy Equipment Training
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If you’re serious about finding great heavy equipment training that can prepare you for a world of new career opportunities, so are we. 5th Wheel Training Institute is one of Ontario’s best-established commercial vehicle training facilities.  We pride ourselves on ensuring every graduate from our program is thoroughly trained, certified, and safe on both roads and job sites.

Our heavy equipment operator training courses aren’t easy, but if you’re prepared to do the work, we’ll do everything in our power afterwards to ensure you’ve got great job options.

What to Expect When You Join a Heavy Equipment Training Class

  1. An Intensive Experience

Make no mistake, you will be working to graduate from our Heavy Equipment Programs. Our courses are intensive, all-day affairs that last for several weeks. We want to ensure we graduate the best, and that is why major companies from across North America have hired our graduates.

  1. Structured Real-World Exercises

At 5th Wheel, we want to ensure you’re ready for the reality of heavy machinery work. Our extensive training facilities are set up to mimic real-world situations, giving you direct hands-on experience. We have far more than the corner of someone else’s quarry for you to learn in.

  1. Multiple Types of Machinery

One of the real benefits of a commercial-class license is the wide variety of machines you can potentially operate. We want you to get experience with as many of those as you can, even machines you might not be terribly interested in. It’s never easy to break in as a new operator on a construction crew, the more pieces you can operate the more chances you will have to get your chance and prove your value.  Experience now means job opportunities later.

  1. Highly Experienced Trainers

To graduate the best, we hire the best. Our trainers all have extensive real-world experience, and are taken directly from the trucking and construction industries. No matter what machine you’re learning, you’ll have someone by your side who knows it inside and out.

  1. Proof-of-Safety Wallet Cards

Once you graduate, you’ll earn wallet cards which are recognized by the Ministry of Labour and employers across the country as proof of your competency. Keep in mind, these only certify you as an entry-level operator. Don’t listen to anyone trying to claim they can immediately make you a high-production operator, that’s simply not true. Only experience doing real work will earn you a high-production rating, but our certification and training will show you how to be a safe and productive member of any construction team .

Trust 5th Wheel Training Institute

If you’re ready for an exciting new career, we’re ready to help.  Contact 5th Wheel Training today for more information. Better yet come on out and join us for a Demo Day!



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