Why Should We Combine Heavy Equipment Certification with Truck Driver Training?

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We know how advantageous the Truck Driver Training program or the Heavy Equipment Certification from 5th Wheel Training Institute can be just on their own. They present new and exciting opportunities for prospective employees wishing to enter the construction and transport industry. This article will explore the many reasons to combine the Heavy Equipment Operator Certification with the Truck Driver Program, and how entering the field with multiple skill sets will set you apart from the competition.

Why Certification Is Important

Construction and transportation jobs are in high demand as the skyline gets more and more populated and the construction industry continues to grow. Ensure that you stand head and shoulders above the competition by combining your truck driver training with Heavy Equipment Certifications. Training is not just about operating. Safety in the workplace is crucial. A student who has certifiable education in operation and safety will be able to ‘float’ in their equipment to get the job done.  

Another point to note is that as you build your qualifications, your employability factor goes up as well. Graduates possessing certification in both heavy equipment and truck training will be sought after keenly by employers. Work also becomes less repetitive for the employee as one employee with training in both backgrounds will be able to complete tasks that usually require two or more uniquely qualified people. You become valuable to the employer as possessing multiple avenues of training saves the employer both time and money.

The successful construction site is a mosaic of different, difficult and important jobs and equipment. It is not a uniform environment. The successful employee mimics the job site by also being fluid with their mastery over more than just one of the many different contributing factors on site. Not only will certification in heavy equipment and trucking prepare you for maneuverability in the workplace, it will better help identify the many potential safety hazards found in the workplace. Your presence on site will prove to be a crucial factor for your employer.

5th Wheel Training Institute Is Here

5th Wheel Training Institute has been actively preparing young men and women with the skills necessary to meet current employer demands for entry-level operators and government regulations since 1985! We are committed to setting the standard for industry training through creativity, innovation, elite service and mutual respect for everyone. If you need questions answered or guidance of any sort, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the 5th Wheel Team.



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