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There are 85 registered private career college truck driving school campuses in Ontario. The number of schools alone reveals how popular the trucking industry is becoming. As the older workers retire, a huge gap in demand and supply of younger and well-trained drivers needs to be filled. Schools and training centres open up to try and fill this need but it is important to make sure the institution is going beyond the bare minimum and giving you the best training money can buy. A great Ontario truck driving School can make a world of difference.

But how can you distinguish the great schools from the lacking ones? Read our tips from 5th Wheel Training Institute to make sure you find the best Truck Driving School in Ontario.

Since the onus of discovering a great school falls on you, make sure you experience the school before you decide to commit to a training program. Go to the school and see all their facilities. Call the school before hand and ask if they schedule tours or seminars for prospective students. While you are there, ask to see the equipment you will train on: is there extra equipment available? Are there shops on site for routine maintenance?

There are salespersons and then there are staff. Many salespersons will only try to sell you a spot at their school. Make sure you talk to key staff members including the campus administrator and the instructors. But most of all, talk to other students and gauge their feedback. As a prospective student, it is important to see other students’ enjoyment and progress through the school’s experience. If employers are having success with graduates from this school, it’s important to take note of any employer endorsements as well. Not only does it tell you that employers are happy with the graduates, it also gives a good idea into who will be hiring you after completion.

When looking at the school, remember to check out the classrooms. A good, well-lit and comfortable environment can make focusing and retention easier as you learn. Space to learn and a good teacher to student ratio can mean you can interact with the instructor to get your questions answered. After the classroom, most of your learning will be in the yard. So make sure to check out if there is ample space in yard. Having the confidence to pull out into the road comes from having adequate training in simulated environments. If a school immediately puts you on the road when you feel nervous it can have negative effects delaying your progress and overall learning experience.

Simulators are often a big part of what some schools will emphasize. You may be told it allows you to get a feel for the controls while cancelling out any negatives when you make a mistake. That said, it is still only a stepping-stone. Make sure the simulations are accurately representing real life circumstances but not taking the place of it. Real time spent inside a real truck is experience you need. A good school will ensure the student is spending adequate time in real equipment, not just simulations.

Remember that you are spending your hard-earned money on these programs and that you are entitled the best for that money. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions! These schools exist to serve you.

If you are researching Ontario Truck Driving Schools, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact your friends at 5th Wheel Training Institute with any questions you may have.



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