Why Choose 5th Wheel Training Institute as your Ontario Truck Driving School?

Why Choose 5th Wheel Training Institute as your Ontario Truck Driving School
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With the North American trucker shortage still ongoing, there’s never been a better time to consider a career in truck-driving and\or heavy machine operation. The industry is currently in need of tens of thousands of drivers\operators!  Whether you’re fresh out of school or looking at a mid-life career change, there are plenty of jobs out there for everyone who qualifies.  

If you’re looking at your options in getting commercial driving training, you might be wondering why you should look at 5th Wheel Training Institute. We’re proud to say we’re a top Ontario truck driving school, and it’s easy to see why.

Five Reasons 5th Wheel Training Is A Great Option

Thirty Years’ Experience

5th Wheel Training Institute isn’t some recent upstart. We’ve operated since 1985, which gives us substantial expertise other training companies can’t match. Along with this, we also have many industry contacts, and we’re well-known across Ontario and greater Canada. National carriers such as Schneiders, SGT 2000, and Challenger -along with plenty of smaller local carriers- come straight to us to recruit.

Real World, Real Life Training

5th Wheel gives you far more than runs around a parking lot. We have an extensive facility constructed as a training ground, allowing you to experience actual conditions just like those you would on a real job site. This is accompanied by plenty of on-the-road training too!  Before you get on the road though you will have plenty of time getting use to the truck on a large controlled range before joining traffic on city streets and highways.

No-Charge Accommodations

We won’t lie – our five-week course is intense, have no doubt, but that’s because we want you to succeed! That’s why your accommodations near or at the campus are included in your cost of tuition. You’ll be free of outside distractions and ready to focus fully on your training.

Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

We’re here for our graduates.  No matter how long it’s been since you walked through our doors, we’ll always be available to help you find jobs.
If you’re looking for an Ontario truck driving school, 5th Wheel Training Institute is a top choice. Contact us today for more information!



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