Challenges of Choosing an Ontario Truck Driving School

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So many to choose from

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing an Ontario truck driving school.  Thanks to the very real shortage of drivers, it seems like more schools are opening – but that doesn’t mean they’re worth your time or your money. Not many companies can claim to have been around as long as 5th Wheel Training Institute, nor can they match its reputation as an industry leader.

However, with 84 Registered Ontario Career College Campuses representing 47 Ontario Career Colleges and 5 Public Colleges offering truck driving courses in Ontario alone, a prospective student must be savvy to choose the best one to launch their new career. This means doing your homework and being willing to spend some time either over the phone or face-to-face, asking plenty of questions.

Here are some of the most important questions to ask.

Five Questions to Help You Find a Top Ontario Truck Driving School

  1. What do former students have to say?

Often, one of the best possible sources of information is past alumni of the school.  A great Ontario truck driving school will be happy to point you at alum who’ll be giving it high marks.  Those who don’t want to talk about former students – or their hiring rates – isn’t going to be a good choice.

  1. What sort of background do the faculty have?

Many think a truck school needs to be taught by real truckers. While it may be true that experience is important (and trust us it is), it’s not the only consideration.  The question is, can that experienced truck driver effectively pass on that knowledge.  Are they trained to teach? Are they able to connect and communicate with their students?  Many drivers look to a job teaching because it means they will be home every night.  You want to seek out a school with teachers that look forward to helping students and know how to do it!

  1. Do they have strong industry contacts?

Another real proof of whether a truck school is quality is whether it’s frequently a source of new hires for transportation companies.  The top schools will actively attract recruiters who are checking out the students before they even graduate.  When asking about this, always ask for details.  Don’t let them get away with “Yes, we have plenty of contacts!”  Get specific names – and consider following up.

  1. Do they have on-site training facilities?

This is a problem with “convenient” schools located in the big cities, especially.  If you’re only driving around a metro area, you’re not going to learn how to handle your machine on rough terrain, and you’re not going to learn skills relating to actual job sites.  You want a school that can train you in situations which are as close to real-world work as possible.  Pay special attention to where and how you will be taught to back up your truck and trailer.  You want a school that can simulate any dock situation.  If you are training in a space that is frequented by public traffic how are you going to feel practicing?

  1. Do they have (X) program?

It’s a great idea to go into truck driving school with an idea of how you’d want to specialize, but that requires them having a program to match.  Always get plenty of info on what programs, certifications, and licence-training opportunities they offer.  This is another case where you don’t want to let them off the hook without details.


To learn more about 5th Wheel Training Institute, just contact us directly!  We will be happy to give you all the details!



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