Behind the Wheel

Ed Popkie, 5th Wheel Training Institute
The True Costs of Training at a Private Career College
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The true costs of running equipment training at a private career college: Everyone knows it’s expensive to own, maintain and insure a car.  So what do you think it costs…

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Heavy equipment operator training Ontario, Experiential Learning
Skilled Trades Training: Learning By Doing
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Experiential learning is quite simply ‘learning by doing’, it is an essential of skilled trades training.  In 1984, David A. Kolb, an American educational theorist, presented a model of experiential…

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trades away from home
Skilled Trades Training Away from Home
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Training Choices You have made the decision to take the step towards a new or first career.  You have found your funding options and now need to make the decision…

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truck driving academy, graduation photo
Graduation is an Important Event at 5th Wheel Training Institute
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When we think of a graduation we usually see a formal, stuffy and grand affair. Graduates are wearing gowns and funny hats with a long tassel and important people make…

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